Five Star Life with Coach Seth

Seth Maust

Five Star Life with Coach Seth is all about Five Star Life’s mission, ”to change the face of culture by changing the mindsets of kids”. Research shows that at the core of each person’s success or failure is a mindset. Research also shows that kids drop out because they do not value education and ultimately do not value themselves. Five Star Life attacks this root issue by infusing our proprietary curriculum that teaches kids how to develop successful mindsets which is the beginning of their transformation! Join Coach Seth and Mia as they break down Five Star Life’s research informed curriculum for adults! Each episode features content related to our Five Star Life Values (respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, courage) and our Five Star Life Skills (mindset, self-awareness, relationships, social-awareness, character, leadership, servant leadership). We promise that if you listen and apply the lessons from this podcast your mindset will shift and your life will begin to change!