Chronicles of Idealism Radio

Joshua Noyer

Readings from some of the classic works of philosophical idealism, along with modern interpretations and ideas on how to apply it to contemporary societal problems.

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The Social Self
May 14 2022
8 mins
The Social SelfThe Morality of the StateOccupational RepresentationCommunity is a ProcessNovum Itinerarium Mentis in DeumThe Sphere of the StateLikeness and DifferenceFrom Tradition to Innovation and Everything in BetweenThe Moral and Legal Aspects of LaborThe Doom of RealismMaintaining PerspectiveThe Philosophical Idealism of EmersonRoyce Explains IdealismIdentity in DiversityKnowing and ActingThe Philosophical Aspects of CorporatismThe StateIdeas Have ConsequencesThe State as the Will of the NationThe Community of Time