On the Other Hand

J. Glen White

On the Other Hand is a podcast that explores politics and other issues of importance to Arkansans through conversations with community leaders in Arkansas. Co-hosts are Glen White and April Chatham-Carpenter, both of whom are active leaders in Braver Angels here in Arkansas. In this podcast, our goal is to serve as a venue for honest but civil conversations about a variety of topics with community leaders of diverse perspectives, especially those who work with others whose views or politics differ from their own beliefs. On the Other Hand is based on the premise that progress in our community and country happens when we listen respectfully to each other and are willing to work with each other when needed, so that problem-solving can occur and our citizens have hope of a more functional government. Ultimately, we want to help reduce political polarization in Arkansas. For questions, suggestions or feedback, contact us at: otherhandar@gmail.com. We love bringing our guests to you in this podcast. Since our listeners are the only reason we do these shows, we need to hear from you to make your experiences even better and a great use of your time. So, cut loose and help us build a better On The Other Hand by completing the survey at this link: https://forms.gle/wUjhJapABjnQaJDV6 Thanks so much! read less


Marquis Hunt, recording artist, interfaith leader, author and thought leader, 9-25-23, Part 2: OTOH episode 50
Nov 13 2023
Marquis Hunt, recording artist, interfaith leader, author and thought leader, 9-25-23, Part 2: OTOH episode 50
In this second part of our conversation with Marquis Hunt, we explore his life as a musician, and he offers sage advice on how to work across divides in his community. He offers advice such as "hate that which is not love" and points out how often these days, some divisive elements are targeting as "bad" such currently central points in the culture wars as being black, gay, transgender, etc.  He focuses on finding ways to neutralize the efforts of those who try to vilify people who are different, which he associates with a form of hostage-taking. Drawing a distinction between those who design division societally and those who are caught up in this designed divisiveness, unaware that they are "unwilling co-conspirators," he emphasizes the importance of our approaching these two sources differently. He points out how we are built to handle toxicity in both physical, emotional, and more metaphysical ways as a way to empower us and offer a sense that we can make a difference.  Marquis also talks about humility, the importance of being honest with oneself, and being in right relationship with oneself and others. The importance of appropriate boundaries turns out to be a rather widely encompassing notion that he uses, with concrete examples, that can help us "love anyway."  His assertion is that everything he does, whether in music or in his work in the community, is in essence, listening and breathing, something he learned in his musical pursuits.
Rex Nelson, veteran journalist and political/governmental figure, 9-27-23, single episode:  OTOH Episode 48
Oct 8 2023
Rex Nelson, veteran journalist and political/governmental figure, 9-27-23, single episode: OTOH Episode 48
Rex Nelson is a veteran journalist who also served in key roles in Governor Mike Huckabee's administration. In this interview with Rex (a single, 45-minute episode), we hear his take on the uniqueness of Arkansas and how it provides him a rich depth of topics for his columns, which include historical, cultural, political and other coverage of life in Arkansas. Some recent developments in the state are seen as offering Arkansas an important opportunity to grow economically and culturally, although he describes some concerns from current political developments in the state that may fail to take advantage of this moment.  A long-time Republican, Rex explains his recent criticisms of the state and national Republican party and his desire for a return to what was historically considered conservative philosophy. He outlines key current political movements and media developments that he sees as jeopardizing our democracy and reviews some key potential efforts that could help move us back to a more healthy and effective democracy. He also contrasts how Mike Huckabee's governorship functioned with how the governor's daughter and current governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has performed so far as governor. Tips are offered for how to get along with those who have differing political philosophies, and he suggests some areas of bipartisan agreement that have the potential to improve the current polarized state of Arkansas politics.