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Our Editor's Take

The CNN Tonight podcast keeps listeners up to date with the news. This program airs on the cable TV news network on weekday nights. This is the audio version of the TV show. While this podcast does not include the visuals seen on the TV show, the audio is clear and easy to follow. So listeners will get the same information as the show on this podcast.

Alisyn Camerota and Laura Coates are the current hosts of CNN Tonight. Kasie Hunt has also hosted some episodes as well. Unlike many evening cable news programs, this is not an opinion-based podcast. Instead, this is a straight news program.

CNN Tonight reviews trending stories about current affairs, both national and international. The show has heavy coverage of presidential and Congressional elections and news. Listeners will hear the latest developments on current affairs. Some topics covered are criminal investigations and migrant policies. State and local elections also get talked about here.

Whether it is about the latest abortion report or the Supreme Court's decision on another topic, this podcast delivers the news. Listeners can also expect to hear the latest from the White House and Congress. The show also discusses top sports news and weather reports. The podcast also reports on big entertainment and pop culture news stories in a serious way.

From Democrats to Republicans to independents, this unbiased series may appeal to everyone. Each episode of CNN Tonight is about 80 minutes long. New episodes drop once every weeknight.

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