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Jon "JAG" Gay creates podcasts for businesses and nonprofits through his company, JAG in Detroit. A 15 year radio veteran, he brings a decade and a half of audio experience and perspective to the podcasting world. Once a week, this podcast will cover industry news and tips to make your show sound better.
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How to Start a Podcast in 2022Start Your Podcast for Under $100
As I ate healthy breakfast and got on my exercise bike today, I thought about resolutions.You may have a 2022 New Year's Resolution to start - or even restart- a podcast.  Today I'll tell you how to start your podcast for under $100.The first thing you need to do is plan.  Plan out a limited number of episodes.  If you don't have a goal in mind, you'll do a bunch, then fall off - same as going to the gym or losing weight.  Your process has to have an end point.  Whenever I bring on a new podcast client, we start with one season, then decide how many episodes that one season will have.Next, plan out your episodes.  Doing a podcast is like driving a racecar.  Do all your work in the pit, so when the race starts, all you have to do is drive.   Knowing where you want to go will not only cut down on ums and uhs, but it will also prevent you from going on a tangent about your holiday travels.   Random tangents will get you away from your topic, and cause listeners to turn out.   The other big reason listeners will turn off your podcast is of course, bad audio.   Which leads me to the next step - buy a microphone.Now, I can recommend some really nice $400 microphones to you, but most folks aren't working with that kind of budget.  My GO-TO first podcast microphone is going to be about $70.  You can find it on Amazon and I'll link it in the show notes.  https://amzn.to/3JNHKFkIt's the SAMSON Q2U. It comes with a mic cable if you're using a standalone recorder, and it also comes with a USB that you can plug right into your computer.  It's got its own little stand, and the Samson even has a headphone jack in the back to plug your existing headphones into.  Add a foam windscreen for a dollar, and you're in business.If you've got other people on your podcast with you, recording remotely - look into a broadcast quality internet recording platform like Squadcast, Riverside, or Zencastr - most have free trials.  If your budget is tight, you can use something like less quality like Zoom, but have each person record themselves separately, then merge the files together.Finally, you need a host - not a human host - but an online home for your podcast.  Much like a website, your show has to physically live somewhere on the web.  There are free hosts out there, but you get what you pay for, don't get good analytics, and there are sometimes even questions around who owns your content.   Reliable hosts include Blubrry, Libsyn, and Simplecast.  I use Simplecast myself, but compare features and see what works for you.  I've seen paid hosting for as low as $5 per month, but most plans for individual podcasters are under $20. Once you pay for the host, it's free to submit to Apple, Spotify, and more.We've all failed at New Year's Resolutions - and I don't want cost to be what stops you from joining the ever-growing podcasting world in 2022.   Make a plan, buy a microphone, and get online with a host.  It will cost you less than that gym membership you'll stop using by February.And if you need help with podcasts - find me at JAGinDetroit.com.
Jan 3 2022
3 mins
How to Use a Blue Yeti - If You're Stuck with One
For years, I've railed against the Blue Yeti microphone.  As a radio mentor once taught me, "the worst thing for a bad product is good marketing."When I consult a podcast from the jump, I always recommend solo podcasters get the Samson Q2U or ATR 2100x microphones - they're actually about the same cost as the Yeti. But occasionally I consult clients who have already bought the Yeti, and they may not be able to return it, or are on a  tight budget and can't swing a 100 plus dollar mistake.  ThePodcastHost.com has a great review of the Blue Yeti - and it echoes may of the things I've been saying.   Plus, if you click the link in the show notes, you'll hear the fantastic accent of the author, Matthew McClean.   Essentially, if you have a Blue Yeti, it's best for solo podcasts - the settings to record multiple guests aren't ideal.  And most importantly, position the Yeti so you're talking into the SIDE of it, not the TOP.  And if you're not sure, plug in headphones and listen to yourself. Most people hate doing that, but it's important.  https://www.thepodcasthost.com/equipment/blue-yeti-podcasting-review/I've spent a lot of time in this podcast bemoaning the downfall of radio - in it's pre-internet heyday, radio DJ's broke new artists.  Even 10 years ago - my program director here at Channel 955, Michael McCoy, broke local artist Mike Posner when he heard "Cooler Than Me" on a mixtape.  Now, most new content seems to come from YouTube, TikTok, etc.  But podcast guru Tom Webster thinks once we figure out music licensing, podcasters will be next to break new artists.  Imagine what someone like Mistress Carrie in Boston could do with her show.  https://mistresscarrie.com/Also, Webster and his wife Tamsen are doing a webinar next week on making your podcast pitchable.  You just have to subscribe to his newsletter at tomwebster.media.  And here's a link to this week's column. https://tomwebster.media/the-last-best-frontier-for-podcastingSpeaking of webinars, the folks at Podfest are doing one, for $10, on best practices using Facebook ads to grow your podcast.  Now I've seen mixed results on this strategy, but maybe that's my problem - I didn't have a blueprint. The webinar is Tuesday December 14th. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/podlab-workshop-tickets-182204858637Naming your podcast is important.  It needs to be found easily by both Google and actual people.  You want something searchable, but unique. Before you name your show, search to see if there are other shows with the same or similar names out there.  PodNews has a nice article on the 100 most popular podcast names.  It's a good deep dive. https://podnews.net/article/most-popular-podcast-namesOnlyPod.com has a new service that will create a universal link for all things related to your podcast - it will link to various podcast apps, your social media profile, and even donation pages. https://onlypod.com/link Seems like a good idea - until you click and see it's $49 to buy one.   There are tons of other smart link services out there.  And the best way to market your show - is with its own website.  Even if you use a service like Podpage - here's my referral link. https://www.podpage.com/?via=jonNext time, I'm doing a special episode of this show - where I'll compare audio between Zoom, Skype, Riverside and Squadcast.  Until then, stay healthy and stay safe.  Lata!
Dec 1 2021
3 mins
Do Podcast Ratings and Reviews Matter
Link to this episode:https://jagindetroit.com/ratingsandreviewsIt seems almost every podcast you listen to - the host asks you at the beginning - or end - or both - to rate and review the show.  But do ratings and reviews actually matter?Before COVID, my wife and I really got into cruising.  Rather than pay extra for excursions through the cruise line, she'd find the local businesses on trip advisor and look at the reviews.  Same is true for restaurants.  Whether we were local or travelling, Yelp became a trusted source.   Heck, even Amazon purchases - how many stars do the products have?Well, I'm here to tell you that those same reviews do not matter when it comes to your podcast.   First of all, the only major platform that lets you rate and review is Apple.  Spotify and Google do not.  But more importantly, your podcast is not a restaurant. People don't find you by reviews.   The top 3 methods of podcast discovery are, in order, 1) Google Search, 2) Recommendations of Friends and Family, and 3) Social Media.   If you want to drive listenership, downloads, and discovery of your show - ask people to share the show with someone they know.  You can also ask them to follow your show. To subscribe can mean a cost.  To follow is free.  If someone is following your show, they'll get each new episode when you release it.And further adding to the confusion - ratings of the Apple Podcasts APP itself in the app store have gone from 1.8 to 4.7 stars.  Why? People are hearing "rate and review on Apple podcasts," and rating the app, not your show.Now, what are ratings and reviews for your podcast good for? Well, there's the attaboy and the ego boost - the social proof that people like what you're putting out.  And if someone discovers your podcast, they may look at the reviews, but please don't make that your primary ask.Other podcasting news this week - Medium dot com is getting into audio with the purchase of Knowable, an audio learning platform. https://techcrunch.com/2021/11/16/medium-acquires-knowable-to-bring-audioIf you've added or changed a show within Apple Podcasts, they've brought back the refresh feed button if you're not seeing updated content.Spotify is allowing anyone to buy ads on their platform - that is, anyone who's got a budget of at least $500.Facebook is really trying to make their audio space matter - website theinformation dot com reports they are giving influencers tens of thousands of dollars to host sessions there. https://www.theinformation.com/articles/facebook-hands-out-cash-to-creators-to-boost-clubhouse-rivalAnd finally, CNN has re-released Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown series as a podcast - not sure how I feel about that.  And there's a new podcast called The Big Big East Show - it's just 30 years too late.I leave you this week with the immortal words of Adam Sandler.  Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!To contact me for help launching or improving your podcast - email me.  jag@jagindetroit.com.
Nov 23 2021
3 mins
The Rise of Spoken Word Audio, By The Numbers
Earlier this month, Edison Research and National Public Radio released their annual survey of spoken word audio consumption.  The numbers were eye popping.Bear with me as I'm going to hit you with a lot of numbers today, but I'll try to keep this moving with some context and key points.For the purpose of the survey, "spoken word audio" is everything from news to sports to talk to audiobooks.  And yes, that includes podcasts.  The survey's been around since 2014.In the past month, 75% of US adults listened to spoken word audio.   3 out of every 4 people.   And 45% of US adults, almost half, listen to spoken word audio every single day.   By the way, that's 22 million more daily listeners than 7 years ago.Back in 2014, spoken word only accounted for 20% of all audio consumption. Today, it's 28% - that's a huge jump of 40%, and 8% in just the last year.  There have been even bigger jumps among 18-34 year olds, and persons of color - two demographics that are very attractive to advertisers.Today, spoken word audio listeners consume, on average, 2 hours and 6 minutes every day of spoken word audio.  And among the most frequent consumers - daily listeners - they actually split their time between music and spoken word 50/50.As far as podcasts, 57% of Americans have now listened to a podcast.   Podcast’s share of time with spoken word audio has increased by 176% over the last seven years, including  16% in just the last year.Mobile devices are also driving the industry's growth - people are now listening to spoken word audio on mobile at almost TRIPLE the amount as when this survey started.   And once again, don't worry about your ratings and reviews - the top ways people find podcasts are, in order - internet search, recommendations of friends and family, and social media.OK - we covered a lot of numbers.  Let me leave you with some QUALITATIVE data from this report. Podcast listeners are more engaged because they are actively seeking out the content - it's not just being shown to them in an algorithm.   They want information and different perspectives.  And they want to be able to consume that information while multitasking.  And in a surface level, digital world, a majority of listeners in the survey feel spoken word audio is an effective use of their time.Spoken word audio is a rapidly growing medium, and I think it's only going to get bigger in 2022.  If a podcast is part of your plans for next year, let me help - my contact information follows.  Until next time, stay healthy and stay safe.   Lata!Link to survey: www.npr.org/spokenwordaudioLink to JAG in Detroit Podcasts: www.jagindetroit.com
Nov 18 2021
2 mins
It Shouldn't Hurt to Be a Child
Audio is an incredible powerful medium to tell a story.Typically I use this show to give you industry trends and podcast tips.  But I want to share with you a project that I was honored to be part of, and really shows the power of audio and podcasting.Recently, I teamed up with my colleagues at Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications, to create a podcast for their client, CARE House of Oakland County.  CARE House is a CAC, or Child Advocacy Center, providing resources to victims of child abuse.I gotta admit, I was a little nervous about this project, especially when we decided I would be the one interviewing survivors of some pretty awful stuff.  I wanted to be sure I could conduct these interviews with the appropriate level of professionalism, and, well, CARE.  Turns out, I learned a lot.First, I learned how amazing these individuals are.  I was able to talk to several women, their parents, and even an adult male who had been abused.  They had two things in common.  One, they were able to explain the incredible specialized treatment that places like CARE House offer.  Two, they are doing, or planning to do, amazing things in their own lives.   Additionally, I was able to speak to our local county prosecutor here in Oakland County, Michigan and find out was goes into holding perpetrators of child abuse accountable.Child Abuse happens in all forms, across all demographics, and in all places.  You won't hear my voice on this series - it's a narrative podcast, narrated by a voice well known in Detroit - Karen Newman of the Detroit Red Wings.   It's not an episode of SVU - yes, you'll hear what happened to these kids, but just as importantly, you'll learn how they've been helped by CARE House and what's next for them.  We've released 5 episodes with 1 more to come - and most are about 10 minutes.Again, I don't typically use this space to promote individual shows I've produced.  But I'm so proud of the work we've done on this project - I really hope you'll check it out.  The name of the podcast is easy to remember.  "It Shouldn't Hurt To Be A Child."  You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts, or check the link in today's show notes.  More:It Shouldn't Hurt To Be A Child Podcast: https://www.podpage.com/it-shouldnt-hurt-to-be-a-child/CARE House of Oakland County: https://www.carehouse.org/Not local? Find a Child Advocacy Center Near You: http://nationalcac.org/JAG in Detroit Podcasts Website: https://jagindetroit.com/
Nov 12 2021
2 mins
Apple vs Spotify Redux
Who's bigger? Spotify or Apple?  Well, both....Welcome in to episode 100 of this season of the Jag Show Podcast. Spotify says it's now bigger than Apple in terms of users.  That's from their Q3 numbers.  As always, Tom Webster from Edison Research has a great explainer on this. (Full disclosure: Spotify and Apple are both Edison clients). Webster says that more users prefer Spotify, but Apple still leads the pack in total downloads.https://tomwebster.media/the-crux-of-the-kurfuffle/ Bottom line, use whichever one you like.  I tried going back to Apple after they worked out their bugs, but found I personally liked Spotify's user interface better.  Your mileage may vary.Another battle in podcasting that's heating up is automated transcriptions.  As Amazon makes a big push into the space, they've begun transcribing some of their bigger shows.  If that gets rolled out to all shows, that could make Amazon a bigger player in the podcasting space.  Here's their press release, via PodNews: https://podnews.net/press-release/amazon-music-transcriptsPodcast production house Pineapple Street Media is looking for paid interns for the first half of 2022.  If you want to get into the space, this could be a great opportunity.  Radio people are you listening? I said PAID internships. https://pineapple.fm/internshipAs expected, podcast ad revenue is exploding in 2021, still rising after the initial pandemic boost of 2021. Magellan AI has a deep dive into ad revenue, but the key takeaways are podcast ad spending is up 87% year over year, and 22% since just Q2.  You can download their Q3 full report here: https://www.magellan.ai/resources/reports/q3-podcast-advertising-benchmark-reportHow much can you charge advertisers on your show, and when can you start?  Advertisecast has rates starting at 1,000 listeners per episode.  Rates have gone up in 2021.  For a 30 second ad, it's $18 CPM, so $18 for every thousand listeners you have.  For a 60 second ad, it's $25 CPM.   They also have a cool interactive calculator to figure out your spend, or maybe what you can charge. https://www.advertisecast.com/podcast-advertising-ratesMeanwhile, we'll find out Friday what the going rates are for podcast editing.  Steve Stewart and Mark Deal of the Podcast Editor's Club do an annual survey of their members to figure out average rates and more information.  They will show their results on Friday at 5pm Eastern, in the Podcast Editor's Club and on YouTube.  https://www.podcasteditoracademy.com/2021surveyAnd finally, I still don't understand Facebook's podcast rollout.  I listened to the New Media Show's interview with two Facebook employees, and still don't have much clarification - except that you can connect a show to a page, not a personal profile and not a group.  And it will only show up on mobile, not desktop.     It looks like last week's Jag Show Podcast showed up, with the show notes as a huge glob of text, with the audio under it.   If you have a moment, cruise on over to Jag in Detroit Podcasts on your Facebook mobile app, and let me know what you see.  Until next week, stay healthy and stay safe. Lata!
Nov 3 2021
3 mins
Will Amazon Change The Audio Landscape?
Amazon has changed the way we read, and the way we shop.  Could they change the way we consume audio?Respected podcast journalist Ashley Carman reported in the Verge this week about an Amazon plan called "Project Mic."  The idea is to combine elements of Clubhouse, traditional radio and more, to turn anyone into a DJ - with the ability to create content with music.  These programs can be then streamed over Audible, Amazon Music, Twitch, and Alexa-equipped devices.  You can read Carman's scoop here: https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/26/22744585/amazon-project-mic-launch-live-audio-appI wonder what affect that could have on podcasting, as Amazon is already diving into the space.  And they've already shown they have the power to disrupt industries.   Also, what affect could that have on radio?  Will it take someone from outside the industry to revolutionize it?  Great piece on this from Fred Jacobs of Jacobs media this week. https://jacobsmedia.com/if-radio-wont-reinvent-itself-maybe-someone-else-will/A couple of Facebook execs made an appearance on the New Media show with Blubrry's Todd Cochrane and Libsyn's Rob Greenlee, to talk about what their company is doing with podcasts and audio. You can see or hear the show here. https://newmediashow.com/2021/10/21/facebook-podcasting-team/Podcast guru Tom Webster says to remember that Facebook isn't looking to help you boost your audience - it wants to bring your audience to THEIR platform.  Webster's suggestion: use short clips to get people's attention, then they can easily find your show.  Think about it.   For as much as we mindlessly scroll through our feeds, how often do we consume a very long piece of content - audio, video, or text?  Not too often.  He's not wrong. https://tomwebster.media/look-for-the-flowers/Spotify is dipping its toes in the water of video.  They are allowing select users of their Anchor platform to publish video versions of podcasts, which can then be consumed on Spotify, Smart TV's, and other devices.  My take: it's something to keep an eye on to see if it gets any traction.   But the Anchor app is still largely for hobbyists and has its issues.  Don't use this news as a reason to head over there. https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/21/spotify-opens-up-access-to-video-podcast-publishing-to-anchor-creators/Finally, I often speak about the intimacy of audio.  It's why a podcast can connect with an audience the way video can't.  It's why you feel like you "know" your favorite podcast host just like you felt you "knew" your favorite morning show host.  Well, someone is taking the phrase "intimacy of audio" and running with it.  Enter "Heart to Heart," a new dating service that uses audio as a matchmaking tool.  The startup has raised $750,000 in pre-seed funding. Sounds intriguing for those of us that have the proverbial "face for radio." https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/25/heart-to-heart-dating-pre-seed/Quick reminder - if a podcast is part of your 2022 marketing strategy, that's what I do.  Let me help - find me online at jagindetroit.com.   Until next week, stay healthy and stay safe. Lata!
Oct 28 2021
3 mins
There Are No Podcasting Cheat Codes
If you have a podcast, you probably get spammed daily with promises of more downloads and boosting you to the top of the charts.  Don't fall for it.There was a podcasting company called Ozy Media.  They claimed “to vault you ahead of the curve – and spark change.”  Then, to stand out in an overcrowded space, they faked audience metrics and even a Goldman Sachs fundraising call.  And, eventually, like all supposed podcast "hacks," the house of cards came tumbling down.  Steve Goldstein of Amplifi Media had a nice write up on this. https://www.amplifimedia.com/blogstein/the-one-part-of-the-ozy-story-podcasters-cant-afford-to-ignoreAlex Cooper, who hosts the hugely popular Call Her Daddy podcast, told the BBC that any podcaster should have a plan, and be authentic.   She's done both well - Spotify gave her $60 million bucks. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-58719364I still maintain that if you're going to hustle with your podcast, it's not a good idea to be on only on platform.  Sure, if Spotify offered ME $60 million I'd take it gladly, but most of us aren't in that podcasting stratosphere.   For example, the comedy-horror show "Last Podcast On The Left" is actually EXITING the Spotify-exclusive deal they signed in February of 2020.   They're moving to SiriusXM and Stitcher, where they will be free on all platforms, and oh-by-the-way, have a show on satellite radio.   They want to grow, and they realize they need to hustle in multiple places.  https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2021-10-12/last-podcast-on-the-left-spotify-stitcherDon't worry about getting millions of followers.  Focus the first couple years on building to 1,000 true fans.  1,000 people who are loyal to you and can become evangelists for your show are far more valuable than 10,000 Facebook fans who will click "like" on your post and move on.  Good article on this from Medium. https://skooloflife.medium.com/in-an-age-where-we-can-circumvent-gatekeepers-1000-true-fans-is-more-relevant-than-ever-49e0df585a23The audience is there for you.  Edison Research's Tom Webster says when podcast listening spiked early in the pandemic, it never really dropped off. The medium is here to stay.  https://tomwebster.media/normal-but-not-back-to-normal/Told you last week about She Podcasts Live outside Phoenix.  It's getting rave reviews all over the web for its inclusivity, its collaboration, its self care breaks, its pool, and especially its swag bag with a nice pair of headphone.  Traci Long Deforge has a nice writeup in Podcast Business Journal: https://podcastbusinessjournal.com/she-podcasts-live-together-we-rebuildFinally, radio company Audacy (formerly Entercom and CBS Radio) has bought digital streaming platform Wide Orbit for $40 million.  Audacy and iHeart continue to invest heavily in digital, while continuing to let their traditional radio properties dangle in the breeze. If you're looking to start a podcast as part of your 2022 marketing strategy, drop me an email and we can have a consult.  jag@jagindetroit.com.  Until next time, stay healthy and stay safe. Lata!
Oct 21 2021
3 mins
Why I Stopped Doing Video for My Podcast
So I've decided I'm no longer going to shoot and edit video for my podcast.So for a few months, I recorded video down here in the JAG in Detroit studio.  There are some podcasts who love doing video. My podcasting collaborator Johnny Peterson has really had the video side of his business take off.  But for me, I had to know what I don't know.   I worked in radio for 15 years. I'm an audio specialist.  I am not a professional video editor.  And the time I was spending editing the video for just this 3-5 minute podcast was resulting in diminishing returns.  Yes, you'll still be able to get this show on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok as a video.  I'll just be using the Headliner app to create a video with a static image and transcription of the show.  It still lives in the same ecosystems as video, just without some bells and whistles. In Rob Walch's presentation at Podcast Movement this summer, he looked at the top 200 podcast in Apple.  How many of them were video?  Zero. That's right. None.    Now, I'm not saying DON'T do video if you've got a good workflow for it.  But as a business owner, I need to focus my attention on the things I do well and that bring in revenue.  The same is true for you as a podcaster. Your email box is likely stuffed with offers from a bunch of third party podcasting apps you haven't even heard of.  Keep your eye on the ball.  Only spend your time on what's important to you and your show.OK, some podcasting headlines from the last week.  Facebook now has an audio tab on its mobile app - it's going to be for podcasts and more.  If you wanna explore, open the "Watch" button at the bottom of your app, then look at audio.The New York Times is working on a new app to consume news - you guessed it, by audio.  It's going to be called, simply, New York Times Audio - and they are looking for beta testers for it now.Podcast editing app Descript has rolled out a bunch of features with its latest release - including something called Studio Sound, which will use AI to improve audio quality and reduce background noise.   It also includes improvements to its editor and a Slack integration.  More here: https://www.descript.com/blog/article/new-in-descript-studio-sound-overdub-model-pro-audio-effects-and-moreShe Podcasts Live is now...well...live...in Scottsdale Arizona through Sunday.   I know some of the people involved with this and it's an amazing event.  Looking forward to some second hand nuggets from the event I hope to share with you next week.And finally, the nominees are out for the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards.  I'd tell you more, but except for nominees and the folks that work for iHeart and are forced to run promos for it on their radio stations.....NOBODY CARES.Stay healthy and stay safe.  I'll talk to you next week.  Lata!
Oct 14 2021
2 mins
The Many Fails of Facebook
It's been a really bad week for Facebook - including on the podcasting side.Apologies for not getting a podcast episode out last week.  With Facebook rolling out podcasts for business and fan pages, I was ready to do a how-to episode on that. After all, with podcasts hitting Facebook, we can get more ears on your show, and podcasting in general.  Well, turns out the Facebook podcasts process is far from perfect, and there's no rhyme or reason as to whether your podcast will actually show up on your page.Of course, add to that the drama around Facebook being down Monday, and their whistleblower appearing before Congress Tuesday.  I don't think podcasts are Mr. Zuckerberg's top priority at the moment.  But there IS a lesson here - and thanks to JAG Show listener Andrew for this point.   Don't put your eggs in one basket.   You should be promoting your podcast in as many places as possible.   Sure, Facebook and Instagram are huge.  But don't forget LinkedIn, Twitter, an email list, maybe even TikTok.  I put all my episodes on all of those platforms.  Should "The Facebook" go down - you're promoting your content in other places as well.In his show "I Hear Things" last Friday, podcast data guru Tom Webster wondered if podcasting is a way to create genuine connections with people.  Is there something more pure about that than a platform like Facebook, where everything is superficial and you may not trust what you are seeing?  Here's his podcast and article: https://tomwebster.media/podcasting-for-connection/As I've mentioned before, a great place to be with your podcast is YouTube - even if you don't shoot video.  Audio podcasts can live on YouTube as well, and they are noticing.  YouTube is looking to hire its first Podcast Executive, per Bloomberg. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-10-05/youtube-looks-to-hire-its-first-executive-focused-on-podcastsYes, audio without video CAN be very successful.  A study from iHeartMedia and research firm WARC says that for the average consumer, 31% of their media consumption is audio.   That means 1 out of every 3 minutes they spend consuming media is listening, not watching.  The study goes on to say that advertisers are behind the curve on this. Less than 9% of ad spending is on audio.   Again.  31% of media consumption - but only 9% of ad spending - is on audio.  It's only a matter of time before advertisers start catching up.   The study was reported in PodNews here: https://podnews.net/press-release/warc-iheart-investmentFinally, we are now into the final quarter of the year - the time when folks start thinking about their 2022 marketing plans and budgets.  If podcasting is something you're considering for next year, I'd love to help you.   I've got a list of services available at a price point that will work for you.   Wanna know more?  Email me.  jag@jagindetroit.com.  Until next week, stay healthy and stay safe. Lata!
Oct 6 2021
3 mins
Why You Can't Trust Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan is here to entertain you, not to be a trusted source of information. There's a difference.Last night, a friend of mine posted a meme that said "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."  On one side was a baseball fan, at a game, with a COVID-vaccinated QR code on a bracelet.  On the other side - a tattoo from a concentration camp.  Needless to say, I was offended, particularly as a Jewish man.  But before I chimed in, I read the other comments.  My friend, as it turned out, had heard on Joe Rogan's podcast that in Australia, the unvaccinated were being banished to certain areas.  I looked into this, and there's NO evidence that's the case.   I stated as such, and politely told my friend I was offended by the meme.   He messaged me this morning, told me he took the meme down, appreciated my feedback, and gave me permission to tell the story on today's show.   I should mention, the meme itself didn't come from Joe, but when my friend posted it, he saw it through the prism of the Rogan podcast, which he took to be a reliable source.OK, what does this have to do with your podcasting and the industry as a whole?   Well, Joe Rogan is the single most successful solo podcaster on the planet.   Regardless of your politics, he entertains and offers compelling content.  Here's the problem.  He's not a news source. When an entertainment show's popularity hits the stratosphere, people take it's information to be reliable.  Popularity does not equal credibility.    So whether you're listening to a podcast, or watching CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC, please know whether you're consuming news or entertainment.  The line is often blurry.  And when you're producing content, make it clear to your audience which of the two they're listening to.OK, on to this week's podcasting news.Apple released iOS version 15 on Monday - which includes personalized recommendations in the Apple Podcasts App.  For example, if you liked this show, you may like this one. More info:  https://9to5mac.com/2021/09/20/ios-15-apple-podcasts-personalized-recommendations-listen-now-tab/Speaking OF Apple, will this be the year Spotify finally overtakes them in podcast listenership?  Website eMarketer thinks so.  They feel Spotify will have 28.2 million podcast listeners by the end of 2021, compared with an even 28 million for Apple.  They think the gap will widen after that, and don't sleep on YouTube and Google for podcasts either. https://www.emarketer.com/content/spotify-poised-overtake-apple-podcasts-this-yearA new study from Nielsen says podcast growth is being fueled by light listeners, those who listen to 3 or less podcasts a month.  This may seem concerning on the surface, but I think this is a good thing.  This means the space is growing to a wider tent, and if these listeners can find good compelling shows, they won't be "light users" for long. https://podcastbusinessjournal.com/why-are-heavy-podcast-listeners-declining/And finally, a perfect example of when it's appropriate to re-release an old episode.  With the passing of Norm MacDonald this week, Marc Maron re-released a 2011 interview he did with the late, great comic.  Rest in piece, Turd Ferguson.http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/repost-norm-macdonald-from-2011
Sep 22 2021
3 mins
What Should I Charge for Ads on My Podcast
What Should I Charge for Ads on My Podcast?How much should you charge advertiser in your podcast?  Libsyn and AdvertiseCast have crunched the numbers, and average CPM for a one minute ad is $23.57. That means podcasters are charging $23.57 for every thousand listeners to their podcast.  So if you want a statistic, there it is.  But here's the thing - every podcast is different, and your listeners are valuable to advertisers in your space.   So I say, charge whatever you think you can get.   But if you want a number, it's $23.57. More from PodNews: https://podnews.net/press-release/libsyn-advertisecast-adrates-prHow Do I Prioritize My Podcast?A podcast, like most endeavors, can only be successful if you commit the necessary time and resources to  it.  But that's much easier said than done.  You've got Zoom meetings, personal commitments, and activities that bring in revenue for your business. The only way to succeed at a podcast is to be consistent - how the heck are you going to do that?Make a bite sized commitment.  Do a podcast season.  That can be 5 episodes, 10 episodes, 3 episodes - whatever you feel you can manage.  Commit to a certain number of episodes, released at regular intervals.  This could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, you name it.   And if your content isn't time-sensitive, you can even record several episodes at once, and stagger the release schedule. My point is this.  Don't commit to a weekly or monthly podcast from now until eternity.  Commit to a finite number of episodes in a finite time frame and see if you like it and get traction.   And if you, or you clients, find value in it, extend from there.In a perfect world, you'd do all of the things when it comes to podcasting.  Writing, recording, editing, promoting across an endless horizon of social media platforms.  Well, chances are, unless you have a huge marketing team, you just don't have the bandwidth to do all of that.  Mark Asquith of Captivate suggests dividing podcasting tasks into three categories - things I like doing, things I hate doing, and things I like doing that take too long. Once you have your lists, then you can prioritize what you want to spend your time on. https://www.markasquith.com/the-podcast-accelerator/295/Upcoming Podcast EventsTwo upcoming podcast events I should mention: PodFest Origins will be both live and virtual this year.  You can watch online at the end of October or in person in Tampa November 4th and 5th.  https://podfestexpo.com/She Podcasts is an amazing event for women and non-binary podcasters.  That is October 14th-17th in Scottsdale Arizona. https://www.shepodcasts.com/Help With Your PodcastAs always, if you enjoyed today's content, please share with someone you know - that's how we grow the show.  And if you need help launching or improving your podcast, find me at jagindetroit.com.
Sep 14 2021
3 mins
How Ted Lasso Can Help Your Podcast
Book a podcast discovery call with Jag here: https://jagindetroit.com/calendarAfter countless recommendations, I subscribed to Apple TV and started watching Ted Lasso.I'm just into Season 2 of Ted Lasso, and I figured out why it's so popular.  In a world of political divisiveness, climate disasters, and general ugliness, Ted Lasso is a show of, as my friend put it, relentless positivity.   Now I'm not saying your podcast needs to be all sunshine, rainbow, and homemade biscuits, but Ted Lasso is a runaway hit because it offers something unique.  And if you want your podcast to be successful, it also needs to be unique.  Of the 300,000 active podcasts out there, what sets you apart? If someone asks, "Oh, why should I listen to your podcast," you'd better have an answer ready.  And for the love of Roy Kent, please don't let that answer be "Because my friends think I'm funny."  Podcast Ad Spending in the first five months of 2021 is up 24% over the same period last year. That's significant because this year, we weren't all locked up in our homes listening to podcasts - or at least, as  locked up.  Google Podcasts is now the clear #3 podcast app you have to have your show on.  PodNews, via Android Police.com, reports that Google Podcasts now has 100 million downloads. If you want an Android user to listen to your show- they don't have Apple Podcasts on their phone and they may not have Spotify.  But a Google Podcasts link will automatically open your show on their phone.  Also, the Google Podcasts App just got full makeover and is now easier to navigate. https://www.androidpolice.com/2021/08/30/google-podcasts-gets-a-fresh-ui-that-simplifies-sorting-through-your-endless-library-of-episodesMany podcasters get frustrated trying to record multiple cohosts in the same room, with only one computer.  Most computers will only support one USB mic at once, and that Blue Yeti in the middle of the table ain't gonna cut it.  Well Rode, the microphone company, has devised a way around that - but you will need to buy their specific NT USB Mini  microphones, one per person, at around $100 each. https://rode.com/software/rode-connectI've told you to be very wary of Apple Podcast Subscriptions for your show.  To make it work, you've got to have really good content and a unique audience.  I've linked to an Apple Subscription success story in today's show notes.  But guess what? It was a podcast that was already pulling 300,000 downloads per episode. Tread VERY carefully if you are considering asking your listeners for money. https://blog.lime.link/first-45-days-with-apple-subscriptions/I've also told you to stop asking for Apple Podcast reviews - because they don't help people find your show.  I still believe that. But Evo Terra says if you do get a great review, celebrate it.  Tell the world. He's not wrong. https://podcastpontifications.com/episode/celebrate-your-podcasts-reviews-like-a-bossFinally, if you are thinking about a podcast as part of your 2022 marketing strategy, please let me help.   I'm happy to do a discovery call with you. Book a time that's convenient for you at jagindetroit.com/calendar.
Sep 8 2021
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Are Show Notes Important?
Website Link: https://jagindetroit.com/shownotesAre Show Notes Important?  YES!  Your show notes are important to the success of your podcast.Why Show Notes Are Important:Google Search is still one of the top ways people find podcasts. And, at least for now, Google can't search audio - it can only search text.   So if you write show notes with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, you can get help your ranking in Google Search.   Think about your title, and how that relates to questions, ideas, or guests that your potential audience is Googling.  There are a number of SEO tools out there (some free, some paid) that can help you with all of this.I have to take a moment and credit Steve Stewart and Mark Deal for putting on the Podcast Show Notes summit this past Saturday.  They had eight incredible panelists explaining all things show notes in detail.  You can watch the replay for $99 at http://shownotessummit.com/Also a tip from Rob Walch of Libsyn: if your show notes are on the longer side, put any key links at the TOP, not the bottom.  Some podcast players will only display the beginning of your notes.  If you've got something important, put it at the front.Did Joe Rogan's Move to Spotify Hurt His Guests?One other point on the importance of searchability - since Joe Rogan became a Spotify exclusive and full episodes are no longer on Apple, Google, and YouTube - it appears the social media "bump" his guests normally get is waning.  I just Googled Joe Rogan podcast - best I could get was his website, where I had to hunt for the show.   Now, I'm not gonna say Joe Rogan was wrong to say yes when Spotify backed the Brinks truck up to his front door.  However, not appearing in search results isn't good for your show.Who Is Listening to Podcasts?More data out from Westwood One again proves that the typical podcast listener is- are you listening, advertisers? -  young, employed, educated, and upscale.   https://www.westwoodone.com/2021/08/30/the-westwood-one-2021-audioscape-who-are-podcast-listenersNew Tascam Device To Compete with Rodecaster Pro:Tascam, a well respected audio equipment maker, has come out with their own mobile recording studio, the MixCast 4. Looks similar in price and features to the RodeCaster Pro, at $600, but the Mixcast does come with editing software. https://tascam.com/us/product/mixcast_4/topFinally, a reminder, I'm trying to put this content out everywhere - my website, all the podcast apps, YouTube, even Instagram and TikTok.  And it's also available in a weekly newsletter.  You can subscribe at jagindetroit.com/subscribe.  Until next week, stay healthy and stay safe.  Lata!
Sep 1 2021
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Is Apple Finally Getting Its Act Together?
Turns out, Apple Podcasts may finally be getting it's act together.I have not been shy in recent weeks about sharing my dismay at Apple Podcasts' new updates.  Starting in May, shows weren't updating, new shows were taking forever to be approved, and people who make money off of their podcasts were getting hit hard.  Well, there's good news.  James Cridland of PodNews says Apple seems to have fixed their bugs by the end of July, and numbers are coming back up.Here's what I've seen.  The most recent podcast I created, Crazy Radio Stories, was approved the day I submitted it, and new episodes seem to be appearing in Apple Podcasts very quickly.  And for podcast listeners, the most prominent button is "Latest Episode."Then, this week, I started getting notifications about dead podcasts being removed from Apple.  Turns out for clients that stopped podcasting, and even cancelled their podcast hosting service, the shows were still sitting there in Apple Podcasts.  Seems a purge is happening.  Now important to note - Apple is not deleting your podcasts if you haven't created content in awhile - they are deleting shows that no longer have an active RSS feed.The other big name in podcasting - Spotify - put out a press release last week explaining how more of its shows are now on Spotify only.  The release reads, in part, "It is also our priority to keep our world-class content both accessible and free to all users across the globe."  If you ask me, that sentence rings pretty hollow if you want the content to be on your platform and nobody else's. Read the release here: https://newsroom.spotify.com/2021-08-19/making-spotifys-exclusive-content-inclusive-to-creators-and-listeners/Speaking of Spotify, they're launching a new weekly exclusive podcast called "Sunday Scaries" - focused on dealing with the sense of impending doom that hits you on Sunday as the work week approaches.  It's actually produced by Headspace.  Mental Health companies have become a big player in podcast advertising - nice to see them getting into the content side as well. The show launches this Sunday. The trailer is out now. https://open.spotify.com/show/0C3OMp75h8fS9yxB5lueoZBill Simmons' The Ringer, also owned by Spotify, has announced an expanded partnership with the WWE on a series of podcasts: https://www.wwe.com/article/wwe-podcasts-the-ringer-spotify-bill-simmonsNPR has launched paid subscriptions to some of their biggest shows - including Fresh Air, Code Switch, and How I Built This. $2.99 per month for each show will help support the show and get you sponsor-free content.  I go back to my original point about paid podcasts - you'd better have a well-established, exceptional, unique product if you're going to expect people to pay for it.  If anyone can do it, it's NPR, who was into podcasting before almost anyone.  More: https://www.npr.org/sections/npr-extra/2021/08/17/1028079276/npr-podcast-subscription-platform-is-launchingThere are tons of ways to promote your podcast across social media and the web, and depending on your team and bandwidth, you really can do a lot.  Arielle Nissenblatt of Squadcast had a great Twitter thread that went viral last week, talking about all the things they do to promote their show, Between Two Mics: https://twitter.com/arithisandthat/status/1429549172156518406And Riverside's remote video recording platform has launched the 2.0 version of their platform, which features a "Magic Editor,"  AI to switch between speakers depending on who's talking, and automatic transcription.  Here's a link to their press release in PodNews: https://podnews.net/press-release/riverside-2dot0As always, stay healthy and stay safe.  Lata!
Aug 25 2021
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Your Podcast Needs To Be Everywhere
Your podcast needs to be everywhere - or at least in as many places as it can be.In 2007, I was working for a radio station in Vermont, where (fun fact) billboards are illegal.  I was trying to convince my boss that the station needed a page on this new thing called Facebook.  "Ben," I asked him, "if you could have a billboard in South Burlington in Interstate 89 with your morning show on it, would you do it?" "Of course," he said."That's why we need to be on Facebook," I said.  "We need to be where our listeners are."14 years later, the same is true of podcasts.  Be everywhere your listeners are, so more people can find you. I told you last week about Tom Webster of Edison Research talking about YouTube.  Among weekly podcast listeners, 18 percent said YouTube is their primary destination for listening to shows - behind only Spotify and Apple. Do you really want to miss out on nearly 1 in 5 weekly podcast listeners? Also, Apple is still having issues. Yes, the recent iOS update was supposed to fix the bug that was stopping downloads, but according to PodNews, many creators still aren't seeing their new episodes pop up in Apple Podcasts, a full 72 hours after submission.   If your show is only on Apple, and this happens to you, why bother to even publish the show?Yes, you need to be on the Holy Trinity of Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.  But you should also be on YouTube. While you're at it, it wouldn't be the worst idea to submit your show to Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Amazon and more.  None of these services represent even 2% of podcast listening, but why not take a few minutes to connect them to your host's RSS feed to make sure your content goes everywhere your potential listeners are?Once you ARE on many different platforms, there are ways to share one link on social media and let your listener pick their app of choice.  There's a great guide from Podnews on how to do this here: https://podnews.net/article/universal-links?utm_source=podnews.netOnto other news this week:I mentioned last week the importance of SEO and show notes.  Google Search is still one of the key methods of podcast discovery.  There's a seminar next Saturday, August 28th, on writing show notes.  Here's my affiliate link: https://www.podcasteditoracademy.com/show-notes-summit-2021/?aff=jagindetroitiHeartRadio now has a partnership with the TuneIn app - this will create better reach for their radio stations and podcasts.  Also, smart speakers aren't a huge chunk of podcast listening, but they are growing.  And out of the box, Alexa defaults to TuneIn when you ask it to play a radio station.   iHeart is also teaming up  with France's NRJ Group to translate some of its biggest shows into French, starting with Stuff You Should Know.The fine folks at Podcast Movement have come launched Podcast Movement University, which is currently free to join and has a bunch of classes to watch.  https://university.podcastmovement.com/If you weren't able to make it to Podcast Movement in Nashville, they've got a highlight video up on YouTube.Quickly, two technical items.   Audio Technica has released their new AT2040 microphone, for about $100.  The good news: it's hypercardioid and dynamic, which in English means it's designed to pick up your voice and very little background noise.  The bad news, it's only got an XLR connection - you'll need an interface to connect it to your PC or Mac. https://www.audio-technica.com/en-us/at2040If you're a Windows user and are looking to start editing but don't want to spend money on software yet, The Windows Club has a guide to free Windows audio editing apps - Audacity, WaveShop, SoundEditor, and Jokosher. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/open-source-audio-editor-software-for-windows And finally, my man-crush is getting his own podcast.  NFL Goat Tom Brady will be teaming up with Larry Fitzgerald for a weekly show on SiriusXM called, what else but "Let's Go!"  Starting in September. it will air live Mondays at 6 on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Radio (Channel 82), and will be repurposed as a podcast after each episode.Finally, if you want to get my podcast news every week, you can get it sent straight to you inbox, and not hope some social media algorithm decides to show it to you.  I'll only email you once a week, and I won't sell your info.  You can sign up at jagindetroit.com/subscribe.
Aug 18 2021
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What I Learned At Podcast Movement
As always, I learned a lot at this year's Podcast Movement convention, and I'm going to share it with you today.(NEW OPEN)Welcome in, I'm Jon Gay.  You'll notice I shortened the intro.  I talked to some listeners at Podcast Movement, and the consensus was that while a bunch of artists saying my name sounds cool, it has nothing to do with podcast news.  It was great for my ego, but that's about it.  Also, after a week of networking and socializing, my voice isn't 100%, but here goes.Podcast Movement started out with Kate Erickson of the successful podcast Entrepreneur On Fire. She talked about podcast workflow in four steps.  1) Idea, 2) Commitment 3) Support 4) Plan.  She also discussed tools such as an application form for guests, an online scheduler, Google Alerts, and more. My big takeaway was the Google Alerts. If you find yourself coming up short on topic ideas, use Google Alerts for the topic of your show.  Link to Kate's workflow: https://www.eofire.com/podcastworkflowThe keynote we were all waiting for was Tom Webster of Edison Research.  People always ask “How can I grow my audience?” What they should be asking is “Why did it stop growing?” Well, it's because people stopped recommending it! Recommendability: know who you are here for, and WHY they are there.  Make the show easy to recommend, and master your craft, aka be recommendable!Webster is also Bullish on the soon-to-be-released Facebook audio tools.  Facebook is still the biggest social media player out there, and among non-podcast listeners, it's huge.  So if Facebook users get their hands on podcasts, that can be a growth opportunity for all of us.Tom says that in 2021, YouTube has become a major player in podcast discoverability.  In fact, it's now third in terms of apps behind Spotify at #1, and Apple at #2.   Think about it.  Google Search is still dominant - and Google owns YouTube.  So if your podcast is on YouTube, and the description is search engine optimized, you'll pop up in results.   Now this isn't to say you have to have a video version of your show.  But at least put the audio with a logo on YouTube with a good description. It will help your searchability.Email is an important tool in marketing your podcast.  Great session from Meghan Neasta of AWeber.  Social media is great, but you're dependent on someone else's algorithm.  Email lets you reach your audience directly, and see data on open rates and clickthroughs.  It's also a great way to build personal connections and offer bonus content.Another great Wednesday session was Todd Cochrane of Blubrry.  Having a website for your podcast is absolutely crucial.   Now I caught Todd in the Starbucks line and he told me you don’t have to have a separate website for your show if it’s a branded podcast and you’re trying to get people to YOUR website.  But if the show stands alone, it needs its own site – not just the one your host gives you.  However, whichever way you do it, with Google Search so big, search engine optimization is KEY.  Todd’s action items include having great episode titles and supporting show notes, making it easy to subscribe, contact, and listen, asking for reputable backlinks to your content from folks (Google loves this), and making sure your website is not just mobile friendly, but mobile first.As Wednesday wrapped up, I saw my buddy Jay Nachlis from Coleman Insights, talking about using Blue Ocean strategy to find your podcast niche.   If you don’t know the analogy, red ocean is where the sharks are, looking for chum.  Blue ocean is wide open with endless possibilities. For example, your science podcast may have a lot of competition. But if you focused just on chemistry, you’d be more unique.  There are podcasts about the Golden State Warriors, but none specifically about Steph Curry.  If you niche down your podcast, you’ve got a greater chance of success.Thursday’s opening keynoter was Shark Tank entrepreneur Mark Cuban.  He and co-founder Falon Fatemi were talking about their fireside platform. The idea behind fireside is that you’ll get better real time analytics than podcast hosts, but the whole session turned into an infomercial, where they became pigeons and they made podcasting their park bench.  This in front of an audience of podcasters. Read the room, dude.  Not only did you shamelessly plug your new venture, you insulted your audience in the process.On the flip side, Thursday’s highlight was Rob Walch from Libsyn, and his annual “Yes, that marketing advice for your podcast is BS.”  His 2021 version was VERY informative.I’ve spent a lot of time dunking on Apple Podcasts in recent weeks, but according to Libsyn’s stats, they are still far and away #1 for podcasts. Part of the reason is that there’s 120 DIFFERENT podcast apps that pull FROM Apple!  So while Spotify is spending money, grabbing headlines, and is, in my opinion a better user experience, Apple is still king.  Your podcast HAS to be on Apple.When you start a podcast, it might be intimidating to hear that there are now 2.3 million podcasts out there.  Well guess what?  The number of ACTIVE shows are declining.  Of those 2.3 million shows, only 322 thousand have done at least 10 episodes and are still creating content– that’s only 14%!Next myth from Rob Walch: your podcast needs to be on video.  Not true – many of the top podcasts are audio only.  We have more time in the day to consume audio than video, because audio is portable.  Now, again, it’s good to have a presence on YouTube, but that can be as simple as uploading your audio with a logo.Rob also had some best practices to share from Apple Podcasts.  #1, the first 30 seconds of your last episode are your most important – that’s what people will hear first.  Also, don’t worry about picking a third category in Apple.  Fill out the copyright field and content rating (explicit or not).Also, while you can swear in your show, DON’T swear in your title or description – Apple’s bots can kick you out for that. Submit a trailer to Apple 30 days prior to launching your show.  It’s rare that it takes that long, but if you’re planning a campaign around launching your show, you want to be sure that the show exists before you promote it.    Also, I can’t say this enough – ratings and reviews DO NOT MATTER. This isn’t Yelp or Trip Advisor.  Yes, they’re great for your ego and positive reinforcement, but it has nothing to do with Apple charts.  The best way to grow your show is to get people to FOLLOW it (don’t say subscribe) and recommend it to your friends.   To be successful, you need both good content AND interaction.Finally, Rob was really passionate about privacy.  Yes, your IP address is personally identifiable information. That’s why we are seeing restrictions on collecting IP addresses in Europe, California, and Colorado, with more regulations to come.  This will likely have an effect on Dynamic Ad Insertion going forward.   Think about it – if a potential employer or foreign government could learn which podcasts you searched for or listened to – that’s potentially VERY dangerous.You know who commands more revenue than all of podcasting, without knowing their users’ IP addresses? The Super Bowl.  Rob didn’t say this specifically, but if you take the time to get to know your listeners, you’ll be able to serve them relevant ads just fine.Link to all of Rob's outstanding info, shared with his permission: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/lilith/411_PM21_Marketing_BS.pdfMy two big action items coming out of Podcast Movement: optimize my podcast and website for SEO, and start an email list, where I can send you my content every week.  If you'd like to sign up, you can do so here: https://jagindetroit.com/subscribeFinally, it was really great to attend an in person event.  Yes, there was some angst about the Delta variant, but as a vaccinated person, I took some calculated risks.   I don't have any symptoms, but I got COVID tested before I left and when I got back, because I felt it was the responsible thing to do after being around so many people.  Seth Resler of Jacobs Media did a great write-up on the "weirdness" of attending an event in person at this stage in the pandemic. You can read it here. https://jacobsmedia.com/what-its-like-to-return-to-an-in-person-conference/There were so many panels that I wanted to attend, but couldn't be multiple places at once.  Once the videos are posted online, I'll have more to consume, and hopefully more to report back to you.   Until next time, stay healthy and stay safe.  Lata!
Aug 12 2021
10 mins
Podcast Movement 2021 Day 1 Recap
Hello from my hotel room at Nashville's Opryland Resort, where the first full day of Podcast Movement wrapped up.  Some highlights from sessions I attended today.The first keynote was from Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire - she spoke to the importance of systems, workflows, plans, and accountability.  Another nugget: if you're out of ideas for episodes, set up Google Alerts for keywords in your niche.  Here's a link to her slides: https://www.eofire.com/podcastworkflowThe star of the day is no surprise to anyone who's attended this conference - and that's Tom Webster of Edison Research.  As always, he came armed with the latest and greatest podcast data.Podcast discovery comes from, in order:RecommendationsInternet SearchSocial MediaPodcasters often ask, "How can I grow my audience?" In reality, they should be asking "Why did my audience stop growing?"  And the answer is almost always: "Because people stopped recommending it."  So how do you solve this "recommend-abilty" problem?Know who you podcasting for, and why they are there. You can't give the unexpected if you don't know what they expect.Make your show easy to recommend - both technically and in terms of your content.Master your craft!Next, Webster tackled YouTube.  Old school podcasters will tell you if your show is on YouTube, it's not a podcast, for a variety of technical reasons.  And, technically speaking, they'd be right.  But in 2021, the top apps for podcast discovery are, in order:SpotifyAppleYouTubeSo, even if you don't have video for your show, putting the audio on YouTube is not a bad idea.  In 2007, I had to convince my boss in radio that we needed a Facebook page - because you go where your audience is.Speaking of Facebook, it's still the most popular social media app.  And interestingly, it's HUGE among non-podcast listeners.  So when Facebook audio rolls out soon, Tom thinks this will be HUGE for podcast growth.  Pay attention there too, so long as you're not in Facebook jail for a post you made 6 years ago that you totally forgot about.  Hasn't happened to me yet (knock wood).Other items of note from Day 1: Your podcast should have its own website, for SEO purposes.  Google can't search audio, but it can search text.  Think about that when you write your show titles and show notes.  And the built in page that your podcast provider gives you - that may not be enough - because bad shows in the same domain could hurt your rankings.  That's from Todd Cochrane of Blubrry.Another marketing tool you may want to consider for your show is an email campaign.  You'll get better analytics here, and you won't just have to hope a social media algorithm delivers your content.  Just send it straight to your listeners' inboxes.  Solid presentation by Meghan Nesta  of email platform Aweber.And I wrapped up the day with Jay Nachlis of Coleman Insights, talking about "Blue Ocean" strategy.  If you're not familiar with the term (or the book), there are two oceans.  The red ocean is crowded, and infested by sharks.  Blue ocean is wide open.  If you have a podcast idea that lands in the blue, your chances of standing out are much higher.  For example, Jay mentioned there are tons of science podcasts, but not as many about say, specifically chemistry.  Lots of religion podcast, but not many about Hinduism.  Lots of Golden State Warriors Podcasts, but NONE specifically about Steph Curry.  Don't be afraid to do something different.As for me, different has been recording this show in a hotel room at 11:30pm Central Time  I'm off to bed - with hopefully more nuggets to soak and and pass on - soon.
Aug 5 2021
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Is Your Content Worth Paying For?
Have you seen Ted Lasso?  Well, I haven't, but everyone I know keeps telling me I need to. But I'm not a soccer fan.  You'll still love it.  I don't have Apple TV.  Get it!  So I finally decided yesterday to drop the five dollars a month so I can watch it, plus The Morning Show, and some other stuff.I really didn't want to add another monthly bill - even $5 - on top of Netflix, Disney Plus, and YouTube TV. In fact, I just decided to drop an extra $10 a month so I can get 4K channels.  I figure I have a 4K TV, may as well watch the Olympics in 4K.  Not gonna lie, it's pretty sweet. Can't wait for football season.What does all of this have to do with podcasts? Well, it appears a number of large media companies are offering premium (meaning paid) content through Apple, Spotify, or other means. But there's more of them than you can count.   Which ones do you choose?  For me, it took a TON of peer pressure to cave on Apple TV, and it took something brand new and cutting edge (sports in 4K) to up my YouTube TV.  Before you start asking your listeners to pay for what you put out - ask yourself - is it good enough?  Can it compete for that monthly $5 or $10 with Disney Plus and Hulu and Netflix?  Now, if you're providing some really unique, niche content, the answer may be yes. But I think for most of us, the answer is no.  I still think it's hard to monetize a podcast, but the easier route is through advertisers.  Your podcast listeners are much more valuable than those little hearts on Facebook or the Gram.  Why? Because they are more engaged.   They aren't scrolling through; they are actively listening. Even if you don't have many listeners, your basket weaving podcast might be really attractive to a basket company.Speaking of advertising, Crooked Media's Pod Save America is now opening themselves up to ads in other countries -  apparently there's quite an appetite for American politics in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. ACast will handle the international ads.If you love the Olympics, NBC has FOUR - count 'em four - podcasts on their Olympics channel in Apple Podcasts - The Podium, In The Village, On Her Turf, and My New Favorite Olympian.  They're free to listen to.Speaking of  Apple Podcasts, they're looking for a head of content.  I assume duties include screaming at the app development team daily, thinking you're the only game in town, and putting out dumpster fires.Podcasting OG Evo Terra says we have entered the "chaotic era" of podcasting.  He says no huge companies are coming to save us, diversify your podcast's assets and footprint, and hold on for dear life. Here's his Podcast Pontifications https://podcastpontifications.com/episode/can-you-survive-podcastings-chaotic-eraTold you a couple weeks ago about everyone freaking out about the Audacity editing app and it's new privacy policy -well they've got a new policy, promising not to store IP addresses or scare away kids under 13.As James Cridland from PodNews points out, that's likely due to the reporting of podcast media and resulting outcry.  https://github.com/audacity/audacity/discussions/1353Podcast host Buzzsprout is offering dynamic ad insertion on all plans.  Dynamic Ad Insertion puts ads in your show based on when a listener hears it, where they are, or other factors. For example, if you have something  time sensitive, like a Podcast Movement tease,  you can turn it on or off for any episode.  It's my hope that this will come to other podcast hosts for all tiered plans, making it the norm in the industry.MTV is teaming up with iHeart to re-release classic episodes of Behind The Music, as a podcast. A friendly reminder to check and see if your new podcast's name has already been claimed.  Maybe not a huge deal if you're an average Joe, but if you're rich and famous (or hope to be), you gotta do your homework.   Actress and Michigan native Kristen Bell tried to release a show called Shattered Glass.  Name was already taken, so she had to rename it - it's now called "We Are Supported By..."For my fellow Syracuse grads, Carmelo Anthony is creating a podcast version of his YouTube series, "What's in Your Glass?"  Sadly, it's wine, not Orange Juice. (rimshot).The Clubhouse app is now out of beta and available for everyone on iOS and Android.  Will be curious what Mark Cuban, who founded rival Fireside, has to say when he keynotes Podcast Movement in Nashville next week.And speaking OF Podcast Movement, I'm vaxxed, masked, and really excited for the return of the in person event.  They will have recording areas set up, so time permitting, I may do a bonus episode next week from Nashville.  Otherwise, expect a TON of information when I get back.  Finally, a big thank you to Rock, Arielle, and the team at Squadcast - who were able to find a video solution that worked for me. This is my first video recorded on Squadcast.So, until next time, stay healthy and stay safe.  Lata!
Jul 29 2021
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