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Welcome to Belly Dance Alchemy - a captivating blend of the best elements of career & professional development and the magic of belly dance. Life is too short for a day job that doesn't make us feel motivated or fulfilled, or a dance life that doesn't make us feel empowered! I'm Kelli Nottingham, and this podcast brings together the learnings from my professional training & development career, and melds them with important life lessons gleaned from belly dance. We'll cover tons of topics like change management, public speaking skills, influencing others (and lots more) in fun, action-oriented and practical episodes designed to spark joy and excitement! Ready to make your day job sparkle and your dance life grow in new and inspiring ways? Listen now! read less

S4 Ep3: Managing Job Loss + Instability Successfully
Apr 24 2023
S4 Ep3: Managing Job Loss + Instability Successfully
The news today says that yet another company has announced layoffs.Layoffs have become such a standard operating practice for companies nowadays that there's corporate-speak to talk about them: RIFs (Reductions In Force), Rightsizing (yeesh), Corporate Outplacing (wow).  But calling it something different doesn't make it any easier to deal with if you're at risk of losing your job.However, there are practical steps you can take to manage the changes that happen if you're losing your job or are concerned that you might.  In this episode, we discuss the things to focus on when you're at risk of losing your job.  This is the first of 2 episodes about managing a layoff or job instability.  Next episode will focus on the emotional aspects of layoffs.  Do you struggle to write a resume that gets you noticed?  Click here to sign up for my online resume course.  I walk you through bite-sized steps to create a resume that will make you shine, and set you up for a successful interview too!  Resume Revamp | Nottingham Professional Development ( to our mailing list at bellydancealchemy.orgFollow the podcast on Instagram @bellydancealchemypodcastWe also have a Youtube channel with more content!  Belly Dance Alchemy VideosIf you need to make a layoff plan, I can help!  Email me at, go to, or reach out to me on LinkedIn, so we can schedule some career coaching time!