Speaking of Health with Dr. Michael Kudlas

Dr. Michael Kudlas

Speaking of Health is about all aspects of health, healing and living a heartfelt life. We talk about and embrace what real health is about. Our guests are leading experts in the fields of health or healing. They bring in the new era of healing, one that embraces the multidimensional human. We are about abundance. We’re talking about healing on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We are about the new ways of claiming your strength and power to advance yourself as a human being, to be the best you can be, to claim the God given gifts granted each of us when we were born. If cutting edge science and reality are what you are after, you will want to participate with us as we explore the new reality of chiropractic, epigenetics, metagenetics and their contributions to the quality of life for you and your loved ones as well as those healing techniques that have carried these loving elements within them before this new age of healing was even known.

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Speaking of Health
Sep 11 2015
56 mins
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