A Burst of Hope

Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley

A Burst of Hope invites you to the table to hear real life conversations with fellow hope seekers. Martha Wilson and Kim Stanley, your co-hosts, have been leading in women's ministry for over 25 years. They welcome you into the stories of those who have traveled the ups and downs of life, only to find hope burst onto the scene. If hope seems like a scarce commodity right now, tune in for inspiration and a compelling invitation to find a hope that does not disappoint.

Hope Highlights! Happy Anniversary!
Oct 10 2022
Hope Highlights! Happy Anniversary!
Today  we are celebrating our official one year anniversary of A Burst Of Hope!! That’s 52 weeks of amazing guests who have been willing to share their stories! And 52 weeks of fabulous friends, old and new, who have tuned in to listen and joined us at the table!We are beyond thankful to:Jesus- whose Hope never disappoints and whose Grace we will continue to talk about; You, our friends and fellow hope seekers; celebrating the stories of Hope among us.These are your stories!God has blessed us immeasurably.We’d love to hear a comment from you if the podcast has encouraged you. And yes, season 2 is in the making!!! We're sharing some specific ways that you can help us be ambassadors of Hope and spread the word about this podcast. We'd really appreciate it!If this podcast has encouraged you , would you help us share A Burst Of Hope?  You can help bring the hope of Jesus to someone right from your phone!Here's how:Share this link to our podcast website:A Burst Of HopeIn Apple Podcasts:Open Podcasts.Click on Library.Choose our podcast, A Burst Of Hope,You can also tap the Search button at the bottom of screen and type in A Burst Of HopeClick on the 3 dots in upper right corner and you will see a menu section pop up from the bottom of your screen. Tap on the Share Show and you will see a number of icons on your screen.Swipe left to scroll through them and find the action or app you want to share the show with. We suggest "messages" or "email" Tap on the icon and you will be directed to a sharing page. A link to the podcast show will be generated automatically.You can also help us get the word out by leaving a short one or two sentence review of the podcast. Here's how to do that:       1.  See steps 1-4 above.       2.  Tap on the podcast and scroll down until you find the Ratings & Reviews       3.  Tap on ‘Write a Review.       4.  You will get a prompt to sign in to iTunes using your Apple ID if you haven’t yet.        5.  Tap up to five stars to Leave A Rating and Write Your Review.        6.  Hit Send to complete the process.We'd love to hear how this podcast has been an encouragement to you! If you have a topic you'd like to hear about, or even a desire to share your story of hope on our podcast, please contact us by email:aburstofhope@gmail.comFollow us: instagram  @aburstofhopeFacebook  A Burst Of HopeThank you so much for allowing us into your lives this year. It has truly been a privilege!! We look forward to this next season with you!We love you!Martha & KIm