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Hi, I'm Ross Mathews and I'm obsessed with food. But I’m also on a journey to be as healthy as I can, so I create my own Rossipes (like ‘recipes’ made by me - get it?) that are delicious, but still good for me. I’ve lost 60 pounds and maintained for over three years! And now I’ve created Rossipes.com and this podcast (alongside my bestie since high school and fellow foodie, Bethie)! This is a place for all of us 'Rossi-Peeps' to connect and chat about our all-time fave dishes, the best things we've eaten all week and try all new Rossipes that make getting healthy and staying that way do-able, fun and delicious! PODCAST SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram.com/HelloRossPod Facebook.com/Rossipes Rossipes.com ROSS MATHEWS SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram.com/HelloRoss Facebook.com/HelloRoss Twitter.com/HelloRoss TikTok: @HelloRoss HelloRoss.com BETHIE HUNGERFORD SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram.com/HungerMama TikTok: @HungerMama read less

Our Editor's Take

On the Hello Ross podcast, Ross Mathews is a charismatic and entertaining host. Ross makes every episode fun for listeners with his lively, high-energy personality. Celebrity interviews, pop culture, and current events result in a delightful show.

Ross rose to fame as "Ross the Intern" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He then forged a prolific career as a television personality and podcast host. Ross is a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race and cohosts The Drew Barrymore Show. He also brings his energetic style to his own podcasts. First, he created Straight Talk with Ross Mathews and hosts Hello Ross today. Fans of Ross enjoy his genuine, professional way of interviewing.

From Ross's years of experience in media, he brings an impressive array of celebrity guests to Hello Ross. Some stars featured in past episodes include Guy Fieri, Kathy Griffin, and Rosie O'Donnell. Podcast guests open up and share interesting insights about their careers. His thoughtful interviewing skills foster compelling discussion. He engages with guests in a personal way that speaks to his listeners.

Besides interviewing high-profile celebrities, Ross also opens the show to listeners. Offering opinions on trends in fashion and personal anecdotes, he keeps conversations flowing. Topics range from listeners' personal lives to what TV shows Ross is watching. When guests call into the show, Ross lets them drive the conversation in any direction. The result is an engaging discussion with his community of listeners. On Hello Ross, listeners get to be a part of the show.

Ross's inviting demeanor and humorous opinions make Hello Ross a positive listening experience. This podcast is a great listen for fans of pleasant, personal celebrity interviews.

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