The History of Modern Politics

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle and Matt Wittlief are history nuts and news junkies. Often, modern political debates fail to see parallels in the past, so they've embarked on a long journey from antiquity to the present to illustrate where our ancestors can help us build a better future. Subscribe now to the History of Modern Politics to get the full backstory on our current events. Two episodes a month are now available to subscribers of WAL Plus or at HistoryofModernPolitics.Com or subscribe to the public podcast feed to get episodes in 2022.  Part of the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network.

Bonus: Defined - Precursors to Libertarian ThoughtBonus: Defined - The Origins of Anarchism000: Introducing the History of Modern PoliticsAre There Parallels Between the Fall of Saigon and the Fall of Kabul?1: Albion Becomes Britannia2: Invasion & Empire3: The Fall of the Western Empire and Britain Alone4: The Arrival of the Anglo-Saxons5: Across the Channel to France6: Vikings and the King of the English7: Succession Crisis8: William the Conqueror, Norman Rule of England and The Anarchy9: Italy, Jerusalem, and The Crusades10: The Angevins and the Magna Carta