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Bryan Anderson started AnnuityStraightTalk.com in 2008. Since then, he has been cataloging annuity information, and doing research about different retirement strategies. His newsletters are typically published about once a week on general retirement planning topics and annuity information. Now Bryan brings his company's famous hallmarks of Straight Talk to the podcast waves.

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Ten Reasons People Don't Buy Annuities
Why I Don't Sell Variable Annuities
Unlike other financial instruments, variable annuities bring the power of investing and insurance meshed together in one retirement product. With variable annuities, all the money that would have been paid in taxes remains in the account with the opportunity to grow until it is withdrawn. There are a lot of benefits when you buy one; you get the flexibility to move your money, legacy protection, income guarantees and more.  And a lot of people in the Annuity world have been wondering why Bryan doesn’t sell Variable Annuities; this podcast episode will reveal the reasons why. What You’ll Learn from This Episode: [2:20] Variable Annuities are the most popular annuity product on the market. [6:35] How do you best maximise the potential benefits of retirement? [8:26] Why are variable annuities the most popular product? [13:22] Additional fees for contract guarantees [18:01] Instances where a variable annuity is the best option for the traditional purpose of variable annuities [24:58] The variable annuity opens a certain type of protection if you want to invest in the stock market. [31:26] Variable annuities come down to their fees, market volatility and personal preference Key Quotes: [4:17] “Variable annuities are what got me into the topic of retirement planning.” [12:24] “Essentially what they are doing is trying to maintain assets or collect more assets that they can put  on their books as managed.” [15:23] “If you want the benefit, you have to pay the fee.” Resources: Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
2d ago
32 mins
Market Crash is Here
Since the pandemic downturn occurred, financial experts have been in a frenzy, plotting every possible worst-case scenario. The market's a game of tic-tac-toe. One minute, it's hitting record highs. The next thing you know, we're on the verge of a market correction. The markets have been experiencing extreme volatility since the beginning of this calendar year. Concerns about rising inflation and interest rates have been the number one topic for most investors. Whether we like it or not, the market crash is here, and it's bound to happen.  Understanding that a crash could happen means that we can plan for our next move and plot it thoughtfully. Bryan and John are here today to talk about some game plans for what to do and what to expect as this phenomenon continues. Pay attention to their discussion, squeeze out some important points from it, and listen to this episode with an open mind.  What You’’ll Learn From this Episode: [2:33] Bryan’s retrospection on making investments: Taking finance classes, experimenting with portfolios, selecting stocks, and justifying your decisions based on metrics should be your guide.  [4:30] Accumulation is far different from distribution when it comes to retirement. Providing a sustainable income to people is difficult. [7:50] John talks about volatility, where the market’s being pushed up all over the place. [10:22] Nobody can get away from the stress that they feel through momentary lapses. [14:00] You have to have a different mindset when it comes to your retirement income plan. [14:44] Everybody thinks yield is the key, but saving money is 95% of the issue. [18:48] There’s massive carnage in the market even if the market is down 20%. [20:55] Now’s the time to be diversified. between growth and value, stocks and bonds, alternative investments and commodities, and fixed instruments like annuities and insurance products. Right now, it’s all about the preservation of capital. [30:22] John explains the pattern of value destruction. [31:33] Always think about risk management and where you can take profits. Sell some of your winners and buy some of those losers. Key Quotes: [1:50] "Interacting with people and making a positive change for them is the goal." [9:01] "The machines have literally taken over the market. To me, this is the scariest, most ominous, and worrisome development in my investing lifetime." [21:54] "The market is being driven a lot by a large institution of buyers and sellers." Resources: Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
May 12 2022
42 mins
Leisure in Retirement
As you retire from a workaholic culture, it’s time to grab your sunglasses, drink that Martini, and go on a vacation. Rather than viewing retirement as the finish line, think about it as an opportunity to find new beginnings because there’s so much in life than just grinding your way to the success ladder 24/7.  The liberation that retirees experience from their often fast-paced past is fulfilling. It’s important to understand that we are worthy of enjoying life, having fun, and going on grandeur trips. In this episode, catch Bryan as he gives you a taste of his well-balanced life. Helping you realize that leisure is as important as the work culture. So make sure to strap in because this episode will bring so much value to the table. What You’ll Learn from This Episode: [2:27] What’s more important about money in retirement? [2:36] Once you get sorted out, your money is in good shape. Then you can focus on the main purpose of retirement like leisure, relaxation, travel, family, etc.  [3:39] It is important to understand that all of this comes from a fairly well-grounded place [3:52] The importance to talk about time and retirement because everybody has a different plan  [5:36] Bryan talks about how he’s good at having fun and doing leisure because there’s so much more to life than money  [6:44] It’s worthwhile to focus on the things outside your job [15:08] When you say retire, it means not taking in clients Key Quotes: [2:52]  “Everybody’s different regarding how they plan the spectrum in their retirement years.” [7:01] “Once the money is out of the way, you have to figure out what to do with your time.” [17:18] “Think about it, dream and imagine. The money’s easy; make your decision, set it aside, and don’t worry about it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a slice of paradise.”  Resources: Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
May 5 2022
19 mins
Surrender Free Annuity
All deferred annuities come with a surrender period, during which you are charged a fee for any funds withdrawn in excess of your penalty free withdrawal.  The charge declines over the years and eventually goes to zero, meaning you have access to all your funds without penalty.  Most contracts are open-ended after that but some require you to move the money soon or recommit to a new surrender term. In this episode, Bryan will take it a step further and explain all products and scenarios. He will give us a clear picture of what a “surrender free annuity” means. What You’ll Learn from This Episode: [4:30] Bryan talks about surrender free Annuity  [5:17] What happens to a surrender fee? [5:40] Surrender period for annuity vs. a Maturity date for annuity [7:35] For the next ten years, there will be a reset to the current rates subject to a guaranteed minimum [10:17] You do not automatically enter a new surrender period [13:34] Generally, a surrender-free means no surrender fee. The contract just stays the same. [13:57] Surrender free annuity doesn’t end; it only continues  Key Quotes:  [5:20] “When it comes to a surrender free in most cases, it simply means that you don’t have surrender charges.” [7:12] “With a contract like traditional fixed annuities, they would spell out your options.” [10:34] “You can’t just blankly assume that they all work that way. You should know ahead of time what your options are.” Resources: Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Apr 28 2022
16 mins
The Best Annuity Training Possible
In this episode, let’s loosen our grip on the technical side of things and have a perspective shift. Because there’s a lot more to learn in life that doesn’t necessarily involve numbers and charts. Today, Bryan tells a life-changing story that occurred to him on a trip a few years ago. He referred to it as the “best annuity training” possible as he went home with so many lessons learned in such a bizarre adventure. If you’re curious, this is the sign to click that play button. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: [8:50] Understand what people want and be able to give them proper communication  [14:47] Recognizing people and being able to communicate with them is important [15:41] Recognize success and appreciate the hard work of other people. Have respect for the assets they’ve got and the things that they keep private [17:07] There are a lot of bad actors in the corporate world, but you have to understand that there are many good people out there. [19:14] Experiencing the freedom of having independence  [21:50] Picking up business conversations and learning a lot about them  Key Quotes: [4:01] “I want people to imagine and dream.” [13:19] “If you work hard and are honest, the opportunity will come, and you’ll know how to take advantage of it.” [17:19] “If you do things the right way, you would be able to attract the type of people that will be worth the effort.” Resources: Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Apr 14 2022
28 mins
3 Year Indexed Annuity
So much is happening today that we’re all left with uncertainties. No one could predict time. Or what will happen in the upcoming years; that’s why it’s better to be safe than sorry. Three-year indexed annuities are often pegged as a safer way to invest in the market because it gives you more options compared to your usual straightforward investment strategies. Today Bryan will talk about a three-year index deal annuity that he encountered firsthand and the benefits that it entails. Keep your eye on the ball and start reconsidering your long-term investments by listening to this episode.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: [2:07] Bryan talks about a 3-year index annuity deal [3:09] Interest rates are going up right now and you should be on the lookout for that [5:25] With the index annuity, you got more options [7:43] Mortgage rates are 2% higher than they were a year and a half ago [10:28] Low band vs High band rates [11:21] Explaining the advantages of a three-year annuity  [15:14] A three-year annuity is a perfect three-year contract because it has the options and opportunities, and potential that the other arrangements don’t have Key Quotes: [4:19] “In a rising rate environment, when do you make a move to pull the trigger?” [7:58] “Deflation always follows inflation. So be careful, don’t just think about inflation. Think about protecting yourself. Annuities are a great way to do that.” [12:11] “There is more uncertainty now than I think there is in any other time.” Resources: Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Apr 7 2022
18 mins
Charitable Giving In Retirement
Assets that aren’t required in retirement might be excellent candidates for charitable gifts, and they can potentially avoid gift and estate taxes. You have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to your family and your chosen charity by offering charitable giving programs. If you still aren’t sold on this idea, you might consider giving this episode a listen.  Joining us in today’s episode is no other than John Frazier from the LegacyTree Foundation. Before entering the company, he worked as a tax support specialist and independent advisor in the financial service industry. He’ll be introducing the LegacyTree Foundation’s valuable planning concepts today. Tag along with us as we deep dive into the nit and grit of charitable giving in retirement. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: [1:53] John explains the LegacyTree Foundation  [3:42] Do people receive an additional retirement boost when they leave a legacy? [5:17] What is structured inheritance? [6:01] What types of assets can be used with the strategies that John has mentioned? [7:37] The split-interest transaction [8:35] The charitable bargain sale and its ability to purchase assets at a discount [11:39] How is the installment sale different from the charitable bargain sale? [15:36] Talking about his LEAF program [19:39] Charitable planning is a great way to offset using a high-level tax deduction  [19:55] Charities are much more efficient at providing aid to those in need than any government agency [20:49] If you leave income to your kids, it’s not considered part of the gift tax Key Quotes: [4:06] “There’s a lot of people who have annuities out there that bought an annuity but are not using it.” [11:04] “Everybody in real estate or stock with capital gain and business owners who sell their businesses will also have capital gain as part of that windfall.” [17:44] “Many people hold onto a capital-appreciated asset just because they don’t want to pay the taxes.” [22:42] “It is important to know that there are laws that can benefit people in this country to lower their taxes.” Resources: The LegacyTree Foundation LegacyTree’s SocMed Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Mar 31 2022
27 mins
35% Annuity Bonus
When soon-to-be retirees are faced with money problems such as market volatility, it can be tough to find solutions that provide peace of mind and reliable income for the upcoming years. Luckily, traditional retirement account alternatives can now offer lifetime income regardless of the economy's financial state. Many people sell annuities as if it's a "one-size fits all," but what they don't know is that there are many options out there. It would help if you were smart enough to find them. Today, we are coming in episode 35 as Bryan will talk about what a 35% bonus annuity entails. So come on, jump right in and give this podcast a listen! What You'll Learn From This Episode: [2:50] Insurance companies didn’t become stable by giving away money.  [4:03] Many people sell annuities but they are too lazy to find something else, so they don’t know what’s in store for them. [6:16] There’s a gap between what the sales agent says and what the company agent states. [9:46] If you activate lifetime income, the amount will be calculated using a payout factor that depends on your age. [10:25] What is the guaranteed minimum payout? [11:05] It is a bonus that boosts your income, but you have to wait to get it. [11:15] If you pull money out before the waiting period is over, if you take a free withdrawal, then you can take a free withdrawal. [13:05] Bonus is available as a death benefit if paid over five years. [15:29] Get the highest growth rate you can and the highest potential on your money if you want to protect it. Key Quotes: [4:39] “Many people sell annuities as if it is one size fits all.” [5:28] “There’s nothing out there that is free money. There’s a fine print that everything goes along with bonuses, and you have to focus on that to wrap your mind around what the contract does.” Resources: Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Mar 24 2022
21 mins
Annuities are Exciting!
Annuities are always a good investment idea, especially when you’re looking for ways to supplement your income in retirement. Retirees who have an annuity have more fun because it reassures them that they won’t outlive their savings. The annuity also allows them to open their wallets whenever they want and have a good time without worrying afterward. Well, if that’s not exciting for you, then maybe you should consider clicking on today’s episode and understanding the context a little bit more (come back and thank me later). Also, if you’re out there saying that annuities are boring, maybe you should give this podcast a listen and hear these helpful insights. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two from this episode and reconsider some thoughts. What You’ll Learn from this Episode: [3:39] Annuities are exciting [7:11] The answers to over half the questions that you have when it comes to annuities don’t even exist 15-20 years ago. [8:03] The fundamental reasons why annuities are beneficial in retirement? [13:27] The advantage that annuities have over bonds and retirement portfolios. [15:11] What types of things you can’t do with an annuity? [16:24] When looking for annuities, you’re not looking for top-length growth. You’re just looking to preserve some of your assets. [17:11] You don’t have to watch your market day in and day out because you’re protecting yourself. Key Quotes: [7:23] “This is something that requires you to change everything that you thought about annuities.” [13:48] “You have to understand that there’s a better option, and there might be another benefit in doing it.” [10:31] “So if you’re helping people to retirement, that’s accumulation. At retirement, the game changes, and that’s the truth.” Resources: Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Mar 17 2022
20 mins
War is a Racket
When different ideologies, perspectives, and political views collide, it can result in serious conflict, leading to war. A timely example of this would be the ongoing dispute between Russia and Ukraine. If you look right into the main root of all strife (including this one), it all boils down to a pointless motive fueled by greed. And this unnecessary feud requires perpetual spending, which can lead to severe ramifications.  All of this for what? Ah yes, personal gain for power and money. Business interests commercially benefit from all warfares amidst the mass human suffering, and today Bryan will be discussing a specific book that explains that proposition very well.  This episode may be different from the previous ones, but this is undoubtedly a must-hear. What You’ll Learn from this Episode: [2:58] Understanding the Politics Divide [4:07] Going over the severity of the Russian and Ukraine War and its consequences  [8:49] War is a Racket: “Why profit is the motivation of a war?” [10:49] How the book talks about the increase of profit during World War I and II. [11:17] The involvement of banks in a war. [12:56] The people who have to vote for the war have to be the ones who have to fight the war. [18:25] Why is it important to act on your motivations? [18: 28] Tone down the drama, tone down the arguing, don’t fight someone you disagree with. Key Quotes: [6:38] “Behind every social, economic, or political problem is a pile of money that somebody controls.” [9:12] “A racket is best described as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small inside group knows what it is all about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many.” [15:24] “Fear and greed drive all decisions.” Resources  War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America's Most Decorated Soldier Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Mar 10 2022
22 mins
A Messed Up AnnuityWhy Not an Annuity
It takes guts to keep your money in the market, especially when you’re unsure of what alternatives are available. But an annuity allows you to take a smooth ride to end. In various scenarios, the use of an annuity can make a positive impact. Protecting assets from volatility can lead to even better results than keeping all assets at risk in the stock market.  This is especially true when consistent withdrawals are taken. In this solo episode, Join Bryan as he dissects some sample portfolios that prove how an annuity works its magic, helping you preserve more capital to maintain growth when you are making consistent withdrawals. Listen to this episode and gain value on these essential topics that can make a big difference in your retirement years. What You’ll Learn From This Episode:  [2:32] Why does the annuity do an excellent job no matter what? [2:57] Looking at sample portfolio about Required Minimum Distributions  [4:35] Looking at portfolios in the last 20 years with no annuity and the flex strategy  [5:47] What do we do if we want to reduce risk and think that the market might be down? [7:22] Reverse Dollar Cost Averaging [10:31] What happens when there’s no annuity? [11:19] What the annuity allows you to do when the market is down in value, you’re making money out of the annuity. [12:17] Preserving more capital for real growth  [16:14] The more you use an annuity in the poor market scenario, the better the annuity gets, protecting money from volatility. [17:27] An annuity is appropriate in a lot of different scenarios. Key Quotes [7:17] “When the market is down in value, you’re drawing from principle alone.” [8:54] “People take the annuity to relieve stress and maintain balance in their portfolio.” [10:16] “A lot of people don't necessarily spend their money; some people spend it, some people don't.” Resources  Annuity Newsletter Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Feb 24 2022
20 mins
Evaluating Annuity CompaniesTiming an Annuity Purchase
Feb 10 2022
28 mins
How to Beat The Market with An Annuity
A lot of people are hesitant about buying an annuity. And the recent volatility in the stock market makes people more skeptical about how they can benefit from an annuity. Given that there's a significant time commitment and not knowing what to do, it is even scarier to jump in. It's you, your money, and your future against the unpredictable stock market.  In this solo session, join Bryan Anderson as he discusses alternative options for doing annuity with lesser risk and more income potential. He also shares his insights on your advantages in the stock market for buying an annuity based on facts and his experiences.  What You’ll Learn in This Episode: [01:26] The recent volatility in the stock market [03:12] Argument on the comparison between index annuities and the stock market [04:43] Bonds will have to take a hit and asset value but it might turn around [06:11] Academic study on annuity [08:35] Why a lot of people hesitate to use annuities [09:13] Explaining different ways to do annuity [11:53] How to get out of the market’s worst case scenario with less risk [14:12] Timing your annuity purchase in different market scenarios [16:13] Maximizing earning potential [20:06] Why qualified assets are important in the success of applying Brian’s annuity strategy Key Quotes: [08:30] “No matter how you use annuities and retirement, the point is to protect assets and limit volatility”    [10”55] “Even if you go through the worst period in history, then you're going to double your money.” [14:03] “When the market's really high, you got more money than you've ever had. Take a piece of it, use an annuity, but you can get back into the market incrementally over.” [19:44] “The annuity doesn't beat the market, but how you use it does.”   Resources: Annuity Straight Talk Episode 18Annuity Straight Talk Episode 26Annuity NewsletterCall Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Feb 3 2022
25 mins
Inflation without Interest Rates
Is inflation just a phase, or will it stay in the long run? That’s the question that a lot of consumers and business owners are facing, who see their purchasing power erode amid the highest inflation rates over 30 years. That’s why it is necessary to find the right strategies and investments to hedge against this phenomenon. And if you’re looking for solutions and tips that will help you in that aspect, then this episode has got you covered! In this solo session, join Bryan Anderson as he further deepens our understanding when it comes to fixed assets, hidden taxes, and everything that you need to know on how you can protect your finances from the ongoing rise of prices. What You’ll Learn in This Episode: [1:48] Play offense in retirement  [2:15] FED wants to raise rates four times this year [3:38] Two problems with inflation (Consumers Price Index and Technological Advances) [7:56] The Median Home Price [9:14] Reason why Bryan doesn’t want to commit fixed assets [9:53] Understanding inflation and interests rates [11:04] How to protect your money from inflation and create consistency  [14:00] What happens when inflation goes too far? [15:01] Enhancing rates that you could get onto traditional assets  Key Quotes: [3:49] “There are two problems with inflation. And my biggest criticism is that it’s underreported.”[15:01] “If you want to protect your money, there's a lot of ways that you have to do it.”[15:19] “Enhance the rates that you could get on traditional assets”  Resources: Annuity Straight Talk Episode 18Annuity Straight Talk Episode 26Annuity NewsletterCall Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Jan 20 2022
18 mins
Is A Market Correction Coming?Retirement Tax Strategies
Don’t let the chances of higher taxes in the future sink your retirement income plan! Taxes eat up a lot of your income during your working years. Now the question is, what can we do to help reduce these taxes during your retirement year?  There are many tax deductions and credits available to people who save up for retirement. However, you could induce tax penalties if you don’t use these accounts precisely. In this episode, Criss Crombie will continue to send you tips on minimizing taxes on your retirement savings. Criss also navigates into two simple strategies to reduce taxes on the money you’ll use for retirement. Helping you realize a noticeable difference between not having and having a system along the way. What You’ll Learn in This Episode: [1:55] Drawing from your assets [7:24] The No Tax Reduction Strategy [8:12] What is provisional income? [10:07] You don't have to be a millionaire to take advantage of tax strategies. [19:37] How to reduce your tax burden by making developments in your retirement plan. Key quotes: [6:28] “When we get into retirement, we automatically get into a lower tax bracket, and that’s a false strategy.” - Criss Crombie [15:52] “ Now’s a good time to take advantage of tax strategies and rough conversions because it’s going to go the way up from here.” - Criss Crombie [18:20] “Wouldn’t it be nice to live tax-free during retirement, live the lifestyle that you want, and leave tax-free assets for your kids and grandkids.” - Criss Crombie Links/Resources: Criss Crombie Financial Group Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Dec 9 2021
24 mins
Taxes in Retirement
There are so many reasons to look forward to retirement, and chief among these is the ability to live life and have freedom from the daily grind. But before that happens, you need to design a retirement plan that best suits you. Bryan Anderson, together with the seasoned financial specialist: Criss Crombie,  will elaborate on tax-deferred investments, similar retirement plans, tax-deferred annuities, and everything you need to know about taxes in retirement.  They will also share how important it is to acquire an established strategy from the beginning to have better outcomes.  What You'll Learn in This Episode: [4:23] Common concerns about taxes when approaching retirement. [5:24] On why deductions and taxes scare a lot of people? [7:43] Why having a strategy from the beginning will help mitigate the later effect? [8:52] How Social Security is taxed in retirement? [18:00] The correlation between taxes and spending. [25:28] Every person has a different plan and strategy. Key quotes: [4:51] “When you’re in retirement and you’re going on a potentially fixed income, should you be concerned about taxes? And I need to be concern, should I do something different? What do I need to do differently?” – Criss Crombie[5:45] “There’s a lot of questions that come up as people transition and they don’t really know exactly what to do or if they should do anything at all.” – Criss Crombie[8:08] “You’re going to pay taxes along the way . Well if that nest egg is ground significantly you could have a potential tax burden. And for the rest of your life you continue to draw those required minimum distributions . You’re paying taxes along the way…. It’s a potential time bomb waiting to go off.” – Criss Crombie[14:13] Annuities are good solution for a lot of people. They could be taxed a little bit different depending on the original source of the funds. If they count them from 401k and they put it into an IRA type of thing, they’re just taxed as ordinary income. If they come from non-qualified money, annuities can even be more tax favorable, as an income source during retirement. - Criss Crombie[24:54} Everybody is different, and it takes a careful set of calculations to each individual plan. -Bryan Anderson Links/Resources: Criss Crombie Financial Group Call Annuity Straight Talk at 800-438-5121 or schedule a call at AnnuityStraightTalk.com
Dec 2 2021
30 mins
Capital Gains Tax Deferral
When it comes to deferring the capital gains tax that comes along with selling property or other business assets, there are very few options a seller has. A deferred sales trust (or DST) is one option that is highly underutilized when it comes to avoiding paying the capital gains tax on an appreciated asset. In this episode, we’ll get a chance to hear from John Balmer, who will be going over the ins and outs of the Deferred Sales Trust and how it works to help you get more profit in your real estate business. What You’ll Learn in This Episode: 02:41 What is a Deferred Sales Trust05:25 How Deferred Sales Trust work09:38 Deferred Sales Trust vs. 103111:58 Capital gains on depreciated real estate properties14:57 Getting out of rental properties and its impact on one’s income stream16:53 How real estate investors can profit more using Deferred Sales Trust20:31 What are the costs involved in doing Deferred Sales Trust Key quotes: 04:52 “If you're looking at a large transaction, sometimes it can be really difficult. So you see a lot of failed 10 31. So that's where we can step in and know not only outright, you know, replace the 10 31, but also rescue a failing 1031 exchange.” -John Balmer10:39 “So they're always looking for the best opportunity in the marketplace. If everything is up, you might want to sit on the sidelines for a period of time, wait for that next market cycle to go through, and buy it at a more opportune time, deferred sales trust gives you the flexibility to do that. Whereas a 1031, based on the timing constraints just doesn't offer that.” -John Balmer14:19 “So let's say you've depreciated your former property all the way down. You're having to deal with issues of depreciation, recapture, things like that. You can actually take this as an investment, move it into the trust and then actually go out and purchase a new piece of property at the opportune time without the constraints of the 10 31 and then actually enter, have a new depreciation schedule on that piece of property altogether.” -John Balmer15:39 “Having the liquidity of a diversified portfolio of assets within the trust gives a lot more flexibility and a lot more options.” -John Balmer18:21 “What we've found is the real estate agents or the real estate advisors that we've educated, actually get more listings by utilizing our structure, because they're actually bringing something more to the table, to their client than just a buy and a sell of a piece of property.” -John Balmer Links/Resources:
Nov 25 2021
29 mins