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Welcome to The Monica Talks Cyber Podcast Experience: The fastest, easiest and an engaging way to build and grow your career and business in artificial intelligence, leadership and cybersecurity. Monica Talks Cyber is a technology, career and business podcast and an engaging platform for real stories, discussions and opinions from renowned global experts in technology, leadership and cybersecurity. The podcast show is hosted by Monica Verma, Hacker, CISO, Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO, Multiple Award-Winner and Top-50 Women in Tech. On the podcast show, she brings on her experiences along with world-renowned leaders in engaging conversations. If you wish to build and grow your career and business, sit back, learn and the enjoy conversations on all shades of All Things Cyber! © Monica Verma Disclaimer: The opinions are the personal opinions of the guest speaker(s). The facts and opinions appearing in the podcast show do not bear any resemblance to or reflect the views of the host or host’s employer. The host or its employer does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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Season 3

The Biggest Threat To Your Business | Key Lessons from Russia vs. Ukraine Crisis
Mar 27 2024
The Biggest Threat To Your Business | Key Lessons from Russia vs. Ukraine Crisis
What’s the biggest digital threat to your business? “The Russians can now leverage supply chain attacks against Microsoft’s customers.”When Ukraine-Russia geopolitical crisis started many western news sources claimed that Russia apparently didn’t use cyber capabilities to the extent the West had expected. Can we say the same knowing that Russia’s attack against Microsoft (one of the biggest global service providers) is still not contained? Can we even comprehend the consequences that are underway or might come to light in the (near) future?  Reality:Nation State + Cybercriminal = Worldwide ImpactOver the last decade especially the last years, as the global supply chain have become extremely intertwined, we are seeing more and more collaboration between the cyber criminal groups and the nation state attackers. Your weakest link aren’t your users.It’s the weakest link in your global supply chain.Listen to the latest episode of “What’s the biggest digital threat to your business?” with Josh Mason.Looking to become an influential and effective security leader? Don't know where to start or how to go about it? Follow Monica Verma (LinkedIn) and Monica Talks Cyber (Youtube) for more content on cybersecurity, technology, leadership and innovation, and 10x your career. Subscribe to The 10x Circle newsletter at

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