Goodbye Bull*** Hello Happiness

Atousa Raissyan

Atousa Raissyan, the host, has ”Soul Talks” about life, choices, happiness, transformation, healing, magic and so much more. This cutting edge show is designed to show you that life, healing and spirituality can be easy but breaking open those beliefs and getting you to follow your internal guiding system (i.e., your intuition.) is the Golden Key! Clients and persons listening to the content of these podcasts, understand that I am not a doctor and not providing medical advice, and not replacing conventional medical diagnosis or treatment. And if anyone feels they need help to seek and/or consult their physician they should do so.

Episode 38: what does it mean to trust and how do you get thereEpisode 37: Understanding your triggers and hot to help yourselfEpisode 36: Samir Kalil, conscious universal advocate, breaking down social stigmasEpisode 35: Purpose vs Achievement.Episode 34: Angelique Byrd, being perfect to run away from true selfEpisode 33: How to stay present for all that shows up in daily life.Episode 32: Ways to not be consumed by the news and bring fun to your dayEpisode31: Power of connection and intention.Episode 30: The change you want in the world begins with youEpisode 29 Forgiveness and why it is important in your healing journeyEpisode 28: Invisible No More with Hollis CitronEpisode 27: Kris Delgado Rise Up To LoveEpisode 26 Love to Love and RelationshipsEpisode 25: self love and choosing yourself is not being selfishEpisode 24: Julie Jonas Being in State of Love, Connecting, Receiving magicEpisode 23 Why loving and accpeting yourself is importantEpisode 22 New year message 2022 - Changing DefinitionsEpisode 21: Winter Solsctice celebration, shadow and light, choiceEpisode 20: ways to deal with stress and anxiety during the holidays and everydayEpisode 19: Regyna Curtis Soul Wisdom and navigating relationships