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kristo is back...! kristo's daily horoscope is now kristo's astrology podcast. follow along every day to strengthen your own Intuition... and check out the website for transcripts, links, and a few extra surprises https://kristo.com
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today is an astrologic diamond
today is an astrologic diamondyou're the astrologic Sol Invictus todaytoday is perfect for journalingtoday is an astrologic radio playtoday is an astrologic Odysseyhey, your Authority is showingconsider yourself blessedtoday is an astrologic Thanksgivinguh oh, get ready for some tough love feedbacktoday is an astrologic trip to the Underworldyour expertise is the subject of intense interest todaytoday is an astrologic language lessonain't no such thing as stress todayexpect to feel nurtured AND to feel like nurturing somethingexpect to see your spitting image todaythe Muse is whispering to you againtoday is the real-deal Chill you've been waiting foryou get to play the hero todaytoday is an astrologic tuning forktoday is a perpetual act of contrition