Playing Games with Strangers

John Harju, JS Earls, Josiah Crandall, Steve MacDonald, Katherine Czerwinski, Celeste Mora, & Dave Clements

Looking for a fun, family-friendly podcast that will make you laugh? PLAYING GAMES WITH STRANGERS is an actual-play podcast where voice actors from SUPERSONIC POD COMICS get together and play DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. You can listen to the adventure unfold as they roll dice, slay monsters, and have fun! The show originated in 2020 due to the global pandemic and is currently beginning its second season.
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01: They Said I Should Throw You
Apr 23 2020
2 hrs 6 mins
01: They Said I Should Throw You02: Look at Me, I’m Impressive03: Can We Please Stop Desecrating the Tomb04: The Way of the Pough05: The One Where We Get SuedBONUS: Crossover with Sumo Girl06 – It Kinda’ Tickles When You Don’t Cook It First07: Don’t Trust the Bugbear07.5: Not Today Cthulhu08: For Grace09: Playing The Nose FluteBONUS: The Reaping Festival (2020 Halloween Special)10: A Needle-less AttackBONUS: A Very Cthulhu Christmas (2020 Christmas Special)BONUS: A Very Cthulhu Conclusion – The Burning End (2020 Christmas Special Pt 2)11: – Crisis on Infinite Urff12: Like Going to a Steakhouse with a Vegan13: Tiggers Taste Like Chicken14: You Are A Wonderful Goat15: The One Where Waterdeep Has A Parade