Dr Kino's Film Emporium

Toby Reynolds

Film academics, curators and serious cinema fans talk about the under-appreciated flicks, hidden gems and under-the-radar classics that may have passed you by.
The Contender/Shut Up and Sing/Brotherhood of the Wolf - Helen O'HaraRepo Man and Wonderboys with Dr Dan MattinglyImages/The Grapes of Death/Times Square with Marie FindleyXmas Special with the Panic PixiesDead Man's Shoes - with Sean WilsonEpisode 19 - Exorcist 2: The Heretic with Dr Tony DegouveiaThe Hill with Toby HadokeStranger Than Fiction with Dr Paul GreenKiss Me Stupid with Dr Mel WilliamsHalloween special with the Panic Pixies - Phantom of the ParadiseI Love You Man with Dr Greg SinghBlade - Dr Miriam KentDougal and The Blue Cat - Daisy SteinhardtDemon - Dr Mikel KovenDrop Dead Gorgeous - Dr Lisa SteadTurkey Shoot with Dr Pete FalconerThe Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes - Jax GriffinSahara - with Ti SinghThe Last Unicorn - Dr Rayna DenisonBlackhat with Dr Vincent Gaine