Something Even Better

Stacie Mitchell

Equal parts research and down-to-earth stories, Something Even Better is the podcast to help you find your own way through the many twists and turns we take to our most meaningful work and lives. Life and business are better when we stop holding on to what’s not working, and make room for Something Even Better. In this podcast, Career Coach turned Business Coach Stacie Mitchell talks about slowing down, finding more peace, and increasing our expertise and thought leadership online – without relying so much on social media. And because there’s more to finding your Something Even Better than just quitting social media, the podcast also features stories of leaving behind businesses, old dreams, careers, school, and more to make room for more alignment, more peace, and, well, just something way better than before. Deep work, sustained focus, intentional practice, slow living, career changes, minimalism, Eastern philosophy, psychology and more are all covered on the podcast in our quest for Something Even Better.

Sign Clients Without Social Media Mini-Course -- Grab it for $25 off!SEO for Coaches: A quick-start guide to attracting your ideal clientsSocial media marketing for coaches: The hidden cost to your practice
Everybody and their mother says you MUST use social media marketing for your coaching business, but why haven’t we stopped to consider the possible repercussions on our craft – our abilities as a coach? Read the blog with linked resources here!In today’s episode, Stacie talks about social media marketing for coaches, the potential hidden costs to your coaching practice, and a better, more mindful and moderate approach to marketing your business with social media. Stacie answers a big question – Does social media marketing – specifically for coaches – have the potential to degrade our coaching skills over time? – by diving deeper into the questions below:Is social media marketing really worth your time and energy?What creates a great coach? And how can social media marketing potentially impede these skills?The research: Can focusing too much on social media marketing potentially destroy our skills as coaches?A better, more moderate approach to social media marketing for coachesIf you desperately want to stop feeling glued to your phone, but you just can’t seem to make it happen, download the free guide to the absolute best resources to help you quit (or pull way, way back) right here.And if you want to use SEO to help bring your perfect clients right to you, download the SEO Cheat Sheet and Tutorial today! This is the same method I used to grow my podcast downloads by 58% in 5 months!Mentioned on the podcast:Book: Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver BurkemanPodcast: Six reasons to quit social media, maybe even forever
May 2 2022
31 mins
Overcoming good girl syndrome in a sacred women’s circle with Mandy Steinhardt
On today’s podcast, Stacie chats with Coach Mandy Steinhardt about overcoming good girl syndrome and codependency, and how the power of a sacred women’s circle completely changed her life. We dig deeper into:What good girl syndrome is and how it relates to codependency, decision making, and the inability to say noHow to listen to your own intuition to make better, more aligned decisionsHow to set and keep boundariesWhat a sacred women’s circle is and what to expect when you join oneExamples of activities to reconnect to your divine feminineThe importance of learning how to mother and care for yourselfMandy Steinhardt is an authenticity and career coach who helps women combat the blahs and overwork by engaging with the divine feminine through healing women’s circles and 1:1 coaching. There’s still time to join her “Divine Within” Women’s Circle this summer where you’ll meet every other Wednesday and connect with other women and:Kick FOMO to the curb in favor of real connection.Recover old and new dreams we have set aside in order to “get along” and “be a good girl/wife/mother.”Learn how to access our intuition, define our values, and create our individual plans to mirror them in our hectic lives.Connect with Mother Earth and remember Goddesses that pre-dated patriarchal religionWork on how we can create a sense of community in these disconnected times.You can connect with Mandy on Instagram – check out this post about the 5 warning signs of codependency! Check out Mandy’s website for more!Mentioned on the podcast:Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola EstésAn example of laughing yoga!
Apr 18 2022
41 mins
Why I quit my MLM with Sales Strategist Erika TebbensMimetic desire, the social media comparison trap, and why it matters for your businessDebunking the myths of entrepreneurship with Jenna HellbergMarketing your business without social media: Is it possible in 2022?
Stacie jumps in to talk about something she is hearing from more and more online business owners: “I would love to quit social media, but is marketing my business without social media even possible?!”The TLDR answer: Yes, it is! Stacie walks you through her 7 simple tips for marketing your business without social media plus shares her own experiment using SEO to boost her organic podcast and blog traffic, and the initial results she’s gotten from just 3.5 months of using SEO research. Sneak peek: Podcast downloads are up ~43%! Here’s a little summary of what Stacie digs into on this episode:Why so many of us want to market without social mediaBut when it comes to marketing your business without social media – How do you do it???Stacie’s experiment: Can you still make money while marketing without social media?Stacie’s “rules” for her “marketing without social media” experimentThe initial results of her experiment, 4 months inIf you want to see how Stacie uses two SEO tools to conduct SEO keyword research that helps her content grow her traffic over time,  head over to staciemitchell.com/seo to download her quick, 5 minute tutorials that show how you can do it for your content too!See more about this podcast over on the blog!And if you’re looking to quit social media in your personal life, grab the absolute best resources to help you quit!Finally: You can access my private podcast episode for figuring out what you really want right here!Loved this episode? First go write a review, and then go listen to:6 reasons to quit social media -- maybe even foreverMy no social media challenge: results from just one week
Feb 28 2022
36 mins
Breaking up with someone you love with Kari Lu Cowell
I have a super special episode for you this Valentine’s Day – and it wasn’t even planned that way, how serendipitous! Join me as I interview The Anti-Soulmate Love Coach Kari Lu Cowell about breaking up with someone you still love (including her story with the rom-com classic “meet cute”), how to know when it’s time to move on, and how to find a more equitable relationship with your next partner.Kari and I dig into:The power of physical attraction with someone you love, but that’s just not quite right for youWhen your values just don’t match in your relationshipsHow a mismatch in values can cause more emotional labor in your relationshipsHow to find more balance and equity in your partnerships, especially with the social conditioning we all haveThe power and relief that comes from realizing you can’t make other people change How honesty and co-creation is so important to all of our intimate relationshipsThe importance of cultivating loving relationships outside of our romantic partnershipsMentioned on the podcast:Kari’s favorite book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel RuizKari Lu Cowell is The Anti-Soulmate Love Coach!She helps people examine and expand their definitions of love, romance, and dating so that they can step off the relationship escalator and create the loving and liberated relationships of their dreams!Kari is a non-monogamous, non-binary, queer, demisexual woman who brings 22 years of experience in non-monogamy and kink/BDSM along with a doctoral education in Clinical Psychology and multiple wellness and trauma informed trainings to her work as a coachYou can connect with Kari on Instagram @karilucoaching  or on her website here.
Feb 14 2022
37 mins
The truth about working for yourself vs. working for someone elseMaking a career change in your 30s with Courtney Holgate-Champney
Courtney Holgate-Champney joins the podcast and talks about finding her path later in life, falling into healthcare supply chain for nonprofit healthcare through temp work (and loving it at the time!), and ultimately making a career change into tech in her 30s after a period of feeling dissatisfied and “stuck.”Courtney and I dig into:How moving away from her hometown was the first step to stepping into her own power and living a more aligned life.How she got her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health at age 32 and how it gave her the foundation for making changes later in her career.How networking ultimately helped her realize how her current skills working in healthcare supply chain were well suited to tech sales – something she NEVER thought she’d do, that she absolutely loves, and that gives her family much more financial security and stability.How more flexibility and extra financial security with her job has allowed her to give back to her community, support local businesses, and volunteer more.The hardships that helped prepare her for a career change in her 30s and the 10 months it took to make the change.Handling the rejections along the way to making this career change.Courtney currently works in technology sales and has been in this position for over two years after moving from healthcare supply chain at a local non-profit healthcare system. She loves learning and talking about supply chain and healthcare, however her passion is in empowering women in industries that are traditionally dominated by men. Her undergrad is in public health and she also has an MBA, both from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, where she currently resides with her husband and four year old. You can connect with Courtney over on LinkedIn or follow her on Instagram @workingwomxnrise.Check out the blog for more!Extra resources mentioned in the interview: ubu pod interview with Erika Tebbens – stats about women, money, and giving  back to the communityCourtney’s favorite book: Burnout: The secret to solving the stress cycle by Emily Nagoski and Amelia NagoskiStacie’s recommended book on therapy: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb
Jan 17 2022
37 mins
My no social media challenge: Results from just one weekArrival fallacy: The curse of the unhappy achiever"What do I really want?" plus a quick 2021 recapHow to close your business and walk away for something even betterSix reasons to quit social media in 2022, and maybe even FOREVER (gasp!)“Why am I never happy with any job?!”: The 6 surprising reasons
Nov 15 2021
22 mins
What you’re chasing is chasing you with Burnout Coach Katie RapkochFollow the fun to more interesting workMaking room for something even better