Chuck Cramer

ON THE ROAD with Chuck Cramer, mrCAwine, is about California’s cool, aspirational lifestyle and awesome wines. Chuck Cramer is a dude who grew up in LA, and now finds himself living in London, working in the wine trade, and still living the California dream. He’s managed to stay true to his roots on this side of the pond, while selling wine from Terlato Wines California portfolio across Europe. This podcast will take you ON THE ROAD, on a wine journey with cool guests ranging from experts who work in the business of wine and mates who simply love wine. It's going to be a blast talking to you about about California, the Golden State, its gorgeous wineries, beautiful vineyards and the passionate people who roll up their sleeves so you can enjoy a bottle or two. We’re going to dive in to the most prevalent and trending topics, have a laugh, and ultimately improve your boozing. The top’s down, so hop in, buckle up and enjoy the ride……. read less