The Lord Is My Strength with Eric Kampmann and Chuck Davis

Eric Kampmann & Chuck Davis

This podcast is an accompaniment to the book "The Lord is My Strength." Having the book is not a necessity however we encourage you to have it to view all the beautiful photography that compliments each message. The Lord is My Strength, a book dedicated to experiencing the Psalms day by day. Envisioned as a book of morning prayers posted on social media sites, it quickly became more than that when author Eric Kampmann began posting a photograph and a short commentary along with the passage from the psalms. Th e result is a new book that speaks through words and pictures to the beauty, harmony, and mystery that has been gifted to everyone who desires to see the glory of God’s creation. ​In his introduction to The Lord Is My Strength, Eric Kampmann places the psalms at the epicenter of the biblical narrative, weaving all the way back to the creation story, forward to the advent of Jesus, and beyond to the end of times. And within this epic story, the psalms tell each one of us of our hopes, our dreams, our fears and conflicts in a way that ignites our imagination, providing a full and deeper picture of who we are as we live day to day in our own time and place. read less