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In this podcast series, Season 3 shines a spotlight on the outstanding GameChangers from the Global Australian Awards 2023, who are making a substantial impact around the world. These inspiring individuals generously share the story of their international career journey with us, the highlights and challenges, and what motivates them in their work. We celebrate their optimism, creativity and resourcefulness to succeed across the globe. We hope you enjoy listening to the stories of these remarkable global Australians.

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2023 GameChangers EP18: Dr Nasir Mahmood
Oct 22 2023
2023 GameChangers EP18: Dr Nasir Mahmood
In this episode, you will meet Dr Nasir Mahmood, a GameChanger in Global Talent for the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Nasir is a world-leading materials engineer, working at the frontline of scientific discovery and research into clean energy solutions. As a Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University in Melbourne, Nasir is leading a body of research into innovative new ways to leverage advanced materials for a sustainable, clean-energy future. In early 2023, Nasir and his team announced a major breakthrough on the road to creating a truly viable green hydrogen industry, by developing a cheaper and more energy-efficient way to make hydrogen directly from seawater. The new method developed by Nasir and his team splits the seawater directly into hydrogen and oxygen – skipping the need for desalination and its associated cost, energy consumption and carbon emissions. In this interview, Nasir shares where his global journey has taken him, along with the challenges involved with taking an idea from theory to practice.  The successful new method of creating green hydrogen, which took Nasir and his team about 7-8 years to develop, was a significant highlight which he believes helps to carry the team through the challenges that they face in commercialising this method to the benefit of society.Nasir’s passion for creating a cleaner, greener future also extends to researching solutions into capturing the microplastics that pollute bodies of water. Listen to this inspiring interview for more.Learn more about Nasir in his 2023 GameChanger profile here > Dr Nasir MahmoodDid this inspire you?  Read more about our 2023 GameChangers > Learn more
2023 GameChangers EP14: Andrew Quilty
Oct 19 2023
2023 GameChangers EP14: Andrew Quilty
In this episode, you will meet Andrew Quilty, a GameChanger in Social Impact for the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Andrew is an impressive multi award-winning photographer and journalist who spent a decade documenting the impact of war on the lives of civilians across Afghanistan. Andrew travelled to two thirds of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, documenting the country through pictures and the written word, shedding light on the rich and often untold stories of people and places at the centre of a global conflict zone.In this in-depth interview Andrew shares the challenges and ethical considerations of photojournalism in war and how, over his time in Aghanistan, his focus really honed in on the underdogs of war. Andrew describes how he sees himself as a conduit between the photographed scene happening in a far away place and the viewer seeing his work perhaps over their breakfast, aiming to evoke an emotional response.Andrew is the recipient of nine Walkley Awards, including Australia’s highest journalism accolade, the Gold Walkley, which he received in 2016 for his powerful photojournalism piece, ‘The Man on the Operating Table’.  Andrew generously shares this story with us and the impact that experience had on him personally and his work. What an honour it was to hear his story.Learn more about Andrew in his 2023 GameChanger profile here > Andrew QuiltyDid this inspire you?  Read more about our 2023 GameChangers > Learn more