Co-creating Peace

Kathleen Oweegon

Welcome to Co-creating Peace, a podcast focused on Conscious Communication and Conflict Transformation. Do you have an important conversation that you know you need to have, but are dreading because you fear it will not go well? Do you avoid confrontation because you equate confrontation with conflict? Do you avoid conflict because you believe the only two approaches to conflict are fight or flight, and that nothing good ever comes from conflict? Then, Co-creating Peace is the podcast for you! In each 30-minute weekly episode, we will explore powerful tools and practices you can use to evolve your approaches to the important, yet difficult conversations you need to have. Each episode will be rich with a variety of tools, understandings, and advice in response to questions from people just like you. Your host, Kathleen Oweegon is the founder of Bridges of Peace Communication & Conflict Resolution Services. She brings to you over 20 years experience as a mediator, facilitator, and interpersonal communication coach, as well the shared wisdom of other experts in human relations, communication, and conflict resolution. Do you have a question or concern about a communication dynamic with someone in your life that you'd like some advice about? Are you wondering about how to tell your boss that their breath odor is offensive without shaming them? Thinking about taking a romantic relationship to the next step, but you aren't sure about how to negotiate getting your relationship needs met? Wishing you had the right words for a sensitive conversation you know you need to have? Are you longing to resolve a conflict or break a conflict cycle with someone in your life? Submit your questions to Kathleen at: oweegon@bridgesofpeace.com, and she will give you detailed answers in a podcast!Listen to Co-creating Peace and become empowered to co-create peace in your life!
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Co-creating Peace Episode #54 – “Your Many Facets”Co-creating Peace Episode #53 – “The Enneagram of Personality and the Four Doorways to Conscious Living"Co-creating Peace Episode #52 – “Why CARE?"
Welcome to “Why CARE?" Episode #52 of Co-creating Peace, a podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation.Today, I am speaking with Sam Thiara about an acronym he has created that is central to his outlook and his work: CARE, which stands for Collaboration, Adaptability, Resilience and Empathy. We’ll talk about why this is so important and how it might be applied.Sam Thiara is a professional who has created a personal journey as a speaker, storyteller, writer, educator, mentor, coach, entrepreneur, problem solver and community activator. His goal is to engage individuals in their personal and professional development, work with teams and organizations on alignment and the 45+ non-profits that he has worked with over the years.  Presently, he teaches at the Beedie School of business, at Simon Fraser University and is also the Founder and Chief Motivating Officer at Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting, a platform that engages his audience to define their path.  A key element is transformational practices where he has become an expert in career coaching (15-40 year old’s) with over 5,000 conversations to date and supporting teams and organizations.  He has authored two books, one on storytelling and the other a travel memoir about his journey to India to find his ancestral roots with a faded photograph.  He has also spoken at two different TEDx conferences.He is the author of “Lost and Found” in which he tells the story of his seemingly impossible quest to find his grandfather’s village in India —armed with little more than a faded photograph.To learn more about Sam Thiara and his work, visit his website at: www.sam-thiara.com
Jan 10 2022
29 mins
Co-creating Peace Episode #51 –  “An Attitude of Gratitude”
Welcome to “An Attitude of Gratitude” – Episode #51 of Co-creating Peace, a podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation. When nothing seems to be going your way, your best-laid plans are thwarted by the Fates, and it feels as though the bird of paradise is leaving droppings on your head, it is so easy to go into a dark, desperate, and angry place in your psyche. It’s tempting to scream “Why me!?!” or “Screw you!” to the Universe and the powers that be, or even to vent that anger and frustration on some poor undeserving soul who crosses your path.I speak from current experience, as I sit in a hotel room where I have been stuck for the last week by snowstorms that interrupted my road-trip to be with family for the Christmas holiday, and ruined my chances of being with loved ones, or even in my own home for any part of this holiday season.I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t get extremely upset, or that I haven’t cried more than once as this ordeal has continued, and I sit here, trapped in a place I don’t enjoy and where I know no one. There have been times when I wanted to rage, stomp my feet, do something to vent my frustration and disappointment! What has gotten me through this, and will continue to do so, is reminding myself of all there is to be grateful for – having an attitude of gratitude. On my list of things I am so very grateful for are you, my listeners. Thank you for being with me as we co-create peace in this world. I wish each and every one of you a safe, healthy, and joyful new year, and a long, long list of blessings you are grateful for!
Jan 2 2022
13 mins
Co-creating Peace Episode #50 –  “Resolve to Resolve”Co-creating Peace Episode #49 – "Speaking in Rounds to Help People Think”Co-creating Peace Episode #48 – “A Buddhist Perspective on Peace & Purpose”, a conversation with Venerable Domo Geshe Rinpoche
Welcome to “A Buddhist Perspective on Peace and Purpose” - Episode #48 of Co-creating Peace – a podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation. Today, I have the honor of speaking with Venerable Domo Geshe Rinpoche. The 9th Domo Geshe Rinpoche is the Spiritual Director of White Conch Dharma Center and abbot of Lotus Lake Buddhist Retreat Center and monastery in Central Wisconsin. Having completed extensive training and retreat, Rinpoche’s current incarnation has been teaching in the United States, Europe and Canada for more than twenty years, during which time she has given numerous Buddhist retreats, both at Lotus Lake and at various retreat centers around the world. Domo Geshe Rinpoche is the author of four books:  Mystery of Emptiness & Love, Red Lotus Buddhist Wisdom, Sensing Shades of Reality - A daily reader of Buddhist concepts and journal, and her most recent publication: How to Change Your Karma ~ Healing the Past. Her next book is titled "Buddha's Brass Band" for four to seven-year-olds.You can experience Rinpoche’s teachings during the White Conch Online Winter Retreat 2021-2022. This will be a retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. The first session – Tonglen – will be December 27th, 2021 – January 2nd, 2022. The second session – The Nightingale Song will be January 3rd - January 9th, 2022. To register for this retreat and learn more about Rinpoche and her work visit the White Conch website at: www.white-conch.org. Many of her public teachings are free to stream at: www.youtube.com/user/WhiteConchFilms.
Dec 13 2021
33 mins
Co-creating Peace Episode #47 – Part 2 of "Riverlogic - Finding Flow in our Conversational Spaces"Co-creating Peace Episode #46 – Part 1 of "Riverlogic - Finding Flow in our Conversational Spaces"Co-creating Peace Episode #45 – “Deck the Halls, Not Your Relatives”Co-creating Peace Episode #44 –  Part 2 of "Using NVC to Speak Your Truth"Co-creating Peace Episode #43 – Part 1 of "Using Nonviolent Communication® to Speak Your Truth”Co-creating Peace Episode #42 - "You, Me, Us – The Art of Verbal Aikido™”,Co-creating Peace Episode #41 - Bringing Calm to the Storm
Welcome to “Bringing Calm to the Storm”, Episode #41 of Co-creating Peace, a series about conscious communication and conflict transformation. I  recorded this podcast in front of a live online audience at the 2021 State of New Mexico Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium on October 21 – National Conflict Resolution Day.As we all know, conflict often involves high emotion. Not everyone has the ability to manage their emotions well, especially when their emotions are highly escalated. People sometimes completely lose awareness and control of their emotions and behavior. Other times people in conflict may use rage to intimidate and control others.Yet, in order for productive communications to happen and conflict to be resolved, everyone involved must feel safe enough to be able to discuss their experiences and negotiate agreements. That means that someone needs to bring calm to the storm and help everyone de-escalate so that they can move forward together. But, how do we do that??Joining me today is John Allen to provide us with some helpful understandings about de-escalating others, and some effective tools to help us do that. As time allows, John will also take questions posed by the audience.John Allen is a retired Sergeant from the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office. He is a Lead Law Enforcement Instructor at the Central New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, which is responsible for training various law enforcement entities. He is a Master Use of Force Instructor, Master Defensive Tactics Instructor and Lead Homicide Instructor with 23 years of law enforcement experience. During his career at BCSO, John was a supervisor for homicide, violent crimes, Special Weapons and Tactics, mobile crisis teams, and crisis intervention teams that deal with mental health. Conflict resolution and crisis negotiation are components of what he teaches in many of his classes.
Oct 25 2021
31 mins
Co-creating Peace Episode #40 – Part 2 of "Walking Through the Blueprint of We - A Way to Co-create Relationships"Co-creating Peace Episode #39 - What Is Restorative Justice, Really?Co-creating Peace Episode #38 - Implementing Emotional IntelligenceCo-creating Peace Episode #37 – Expressing Emotion SafelyCo-creating Peace Episode #36 – The Courage to Bridge the Divide
Sep 19 2021
22 mins
Co-creating Peace Episode #35 - Terms to Know