Kincaid & Dallas

Kincaid & Dallas

Welcome to the home of "But Wait There's More" and "My Little Secret" and so much fun in between. We are Kincaid, Dallas, Producer Amanda, and Garrett. Your new favorite morning show is now on demand.

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Our Editor's Take

The Kincaid & Dallas podcast brings listeners a fun, up-tempo chat every weekday. It comes from the morning show of the same name on New Country 101.Five in Atlanta. The hosts are Kincaid, Dallas, Garrett, and their producer, Amanda.

Kincaid has been a radio personality for years and follows the motto, "I'm just doing the best I can." Dallas started her career working at her high school station at age 11. She now lives on a farm in Atlanta surrounded by donkeys, horses, cats, and dogs. Garrett grew up in Woodstock, Georgia, and is the podcast's party guy. Together, they want to help listeners escape the monotony of everyday life. They share light-hearted conversation and entertaining listener stories.

Podcast listeners can enjoy episodes from the radio show. They are split into their regular segments, such as "My Little Secret." The hosts question life's routines, sharing funny and embarrassing stories. They discuss everything from Taylor Swift's movie to producer Amanda's tummy troubles. What's the "dollar vomit fee?" What's their verdict on Crocs cowboy boots?

Food is a consistent topic on the podcast. The crew always has funny stories to share. In one "Food News" segment, they discuss Thanksgiving dinner tips. Has anyone ever poisoned anyone by accident? Who disliked the food so much they had to order takeout? Kincaid even reveals how his grandmother washed her raw Thanksgiving turkey with soap.

The team interviews guests throughout the podcast, including country icon Dolly Parton. She talks about how she wanted to create a rock album because, at her age, she isn't scared of anything. Dallas reveals she's a lifelong fan and loves Dolly's version of Heart's "Magic Man." Kincaid wants to know which musicians have said no to a collaboration with Dolly. He can't believe anyone would ever refuse her.

The team shares listener tales of drunken stupidity and bathroom emergencies. There are weekend catchups as they reveal what they've been up to. Plus, they talk about pop culture, from what's in movie theaters to the latest Vegas residency. The Kincaid & Dallas podcast brings fun and humor every day of the week.

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