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Inside Kenya: A Conversation with Namadi Masika
Jun 25 2021
Inside Kenya: A Conversation with Namadi Masika
Namadi Masika a prominent grassroots leader and child rights advocate in Kenya and the Regional Coordinator, Coast, Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR). She joins the host of THE INTERSECTION Sherna Alexander Benjamin to discuss leadership, the impact of #COVID19 on women and children in her district, lessons she learned during the pandemic and opportunities embraced to innovate new ways of working, leading, and thinking.  This is the first episode in the series “What does it mean to be a woman: Surviving a Pandemic.” Namadi Masika is a professional with 14 years of experience in Development Leadership, with a strong focus on advocacy for Child Rights programming and Child Protection throughout Kenya. She is a subject matter expert in promoting accountable democracies specializing in public participation for social change, child participation in democratic processes, and promoting, teaching, utilizing and upholding human rights-based principles, values and approaches, as well as participatory processes and tools.  Sherna Alexander Benjamin is an #EverydayWoman who is centering conversations on #EverdayWomen who are doing tremendous work across the globe.  #ShernaAlexanderBenjamin #NamadiMasika #TheIntersection #EverydayWomen #LivingIntentionally #GenderBasedViolence #ChildRights #ChildAbuse #ViolencePrevention #WomenPeaceSecurity #SDGs #SustainableDevelopment #PublicPolicy #WomensLeadership #PersonalGrowth #MindsetMatters #ConversationsForChange Connect with me on  Facebook Instagram YouTube Email me at: authorgam@gmail.com