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Republicans block voting rights bills from advancing.Rudy Giuliani subpoenaed by January 6 investigative panel.Martin Luther King III calls on Senate to act on voting rights.Russia prepping pretext for Ukraine invasion says US Intelligence.Sinema speaks out against filibuster reform after House passes voting rights.Democrats change strategy on voting rights, with new debates planned.Joe Biden breaks silence on voting rights passage.Democratic Senators fight for voting legislation in wake of coup.Trump investigated by committee for leading criminal conspiracy.Covid hospitalizations skyrocket in children too young for vaccination.Trump digs in with false claims of election fraud.Biden to break silence and call out Trump for January 6 attack.4th COVID vaccine dose boosts antibodies five-fold says Israeli Prime Minister.Donald Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr. subpoenaed by New York attorney general.January 6 committee to begin public hearings as evidence mounts against Trump.Biden negotiates with Putin as alarm grows over Ukraine.Biden agrees $137m contract to boost materials for home COVID tests.New CDC rules to shorten isolation creates doubt and confusion.Dr Fauci suggests flight vaccine mandate as Omicron causes travel chaos.Archbishop Desmond Tutu, dead at 90.