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105: Seven Essential Qualities of a Political Leader — Guidelines for Voting with Author David Koyzis
Jun 12 2024
105: Seven Essential Qualities of a Political Leader — Guidelines for Voting with Author David Koyzis
Episode Type: Listen to Learn Welcome to a listen-to-learn episode of the Share Life podcast. I'm speaking with a former university professor and Canadian Christian, David Koyzis. David has been on the Share Life podcast to discuss his book Political Visions & Illusions and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In this episode, we're talking about the values required for someone to hold political leadership. David articulated 7 guidelines he shared after the Jan 6 hearings, and has resurfaced in a recent blog post about America's current societal crisis, in light of Trump's 34 felony convictions and adamant Republican support. In this conversation, we discuss the 7 guidelines and the history that brought us here. According to David Koyzis, a would be office-holder... must respect the rule of law above his or her own ambitionsmust be loyal to the country's constitution and abide by its provisions, even to his or her own disadvantage;must not abuse the office to advance personal financial or other interests;must honourably concede to his or her successor when defeated in an election;must refrain from divisive rhetoric and undertake, where possible, to unite the nation around a common task of doing public justice;must unwaveringly adhere to the truth and refrain from self-justification to cover missteps;must be generous and charitable to opponents and supporters alike. Connect With David Koyzis Connect with David | Website, Blog, & Newsletter - Linkedin - Facebook - Instagram - TwitterBooks Links (Amazon affiliate links below)Consider supporting David Koyzis through Global Scholars Canada >> For additional resources and the video version of this episode, click here. --- Support this podcast: