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Cronkite News is the news division of Arizona PBS, the world's largest media organization operated by a journalism school. With reporting bureaus in Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, we deliver important, impactful Arizona news to residents and news organizations across the state.
Mercury stars join other Arizona athletes to oppose Mississippi abortion lawDemocrats call on Republicans to end election audits in other statesPart of Biosphere 2 near Tucson will be refurbished to simulate life on MarsJudge strikes down Arizona’s mask ban in public schoolsAmbassadorships for two prominent Arizonans nearly locked upAdvocates gather signatures to oppose tax cutsSen. Sinema takes center stage in infrastructure debateWhy referees are walking away from high school sportsArizona is the 11th state to pass 20,000 COVID deathsGovernor  opens cybersecurity command center in PhoenixMaricopa County officials defend their handling of 2020 election in WashingtonWestern GOP governors call for help on U.S.-Mexico borderCOVID hospitalizations in Arizona remain steady as new cases slowly decreaseWorkplace raids come to an end across the countryArizona farmer faces water shortage, struggles to grow cropsTucson Police Chief Chris Mangus finally gets Senate confirmation hearing for CBP postVice president visits Lake Mead amid drought, shrinking water levelsSettlement in opioids case will bring millions to ArizonaArizona ready to vaccinate children against COVID-19Why rideshare users in Arizona continue to see long waits and high prices