The Celebration of God

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The Year Long Celebration of God is a dynamic discipleship experience that utilizes the Bible, our holiday calendars, and the most average moments of the most normal days to equip Christians and their families to better know, love, and serve God all year long. AMBrewster is the creator and host of the Celebration of God which he designed to be a tool for Christian parents to train their children to know and love God. He’s also the President and host of Truth.Love.Parent.

Episode 93: COG 93: The Unashamed Workman  | The Discipleship Spiral, Part 4Episode 92: COG 92: The Discerning Researcher | The Discipleship Spiral, Part 3Episode 91: COG 91: The Zealous Student | The Discipleship Spiral, Part 2Episode 90: COG 90: The Journey of the Disciple | The Discipleship Spiral, Part 1Episode 89: COG 89: Worshipping God in JanuaryEpisode 88: COG 88: The New Year | Preparing, Celebrating, DisciplingEpisode 87: COG 87: Shadows of What’s to ComeEpisode 86: COG 86: Worshipping God in DecemberEpisode 85: Bonus Episode! COG 85: Grow Your Worship, Part 6 | the Cake IllustrationEpisode 84: COG 84: Grow Your Worship, Part 5 | Learn, Understand, TrustEpisode 83: COG 83: Grow Your Worship, Part 4 | Change What You BelieveEpisode 82: COG 82: Grow Your Worship, Part 3 | Change What You WantEpisode 81: COG 81: Grow Your Worship, Part 2 | Change What You FeelEpisode 80: COG 80: Grow Your Worship, Part 1 | Change What You Do and SayEpisode 79: COG 79: Worshipping God in NovemberEpisode 78: COG 78: Celebrating God with RecreationEpisode 77: COG 77: Use Death to Celebrate God
Oct 8 2021
25 mins
Episode 76: COG 76: Worshipping God in OctoberEpisode 75: COG 75: Son’s & Daughter’s Days | Preparing, Celebrating, DisciplingEpisode 74: COG 74: Unified Worship | What is Worship? Part 4
True Unified Worship among you and your fellow disciples of Christ is the goal, and you all need each other in order to achieve genuine, Unified Worship. Join AMBrewster as he helps God’s people understand God’s expectations for how we influence each other’s worship.The Year Long Celebration of God is a family resource from Truth.Love.Parent., a ministry dedicated to rooting families in God and maturing families for God so they can harvest blessings from God.Discover the following episodes by clicking the titles or navigating to the episode in your app:COG 64: God’s Definition of Worship | What is Worship? Part 1 https://www.truthloveparent.com/the-celebration-of-god-blog/cog-64-gods-definition-of-worship-what-is-worship-part-1 COG 65: Failed Worship | What is Worship? Part 2 https://www.truthloveparent.com/the-celebration-of-god-blog/cog-65-failed-worship-what-is-worship-part-2 COG 67: Split Worship | What is Worship? Part 3 https://www.truthloveparent.com/the-celebration-of-god-blog/cog-67-split-worship-what-is-worship-part-3 TLP 443: Are You Sure God Is Allowed in Your House? https://www.truthloveparent.com/taking-back-the-family-blog/tlp-443-are-you-sure-god-is-allowed-in-your-house 10 Things All Parents Should Hate Series https://www.truthloveparent.com/10-things-all-parents-should-hate-series.html TLP 42: The Most Potentially Destructive Influence in the Life of Your Child https://www.truthloveparent.com/taking-back-the-family-blog/tlp-42-the-most-potentially-destructive-influence-in-the-life-of-your-child TLP 23: What Does God Think about Your Kid’s Music? http://www.truthloveparent.com/taking-back-the-family-blog/tlp-23-what-does-god-think-about-your-kids-music TLP 24: How the World Trains Your Kids to Fail http://www.truthloveparent.com/taking-back-the-family-blog/tlp-24-how-the-world-trains-your-kids-to-failTLP 14: Kids and Movies: Parenting Your Kids to Success https://www.truthloveparent.com/taking-back-the-family-blog/tlp-14-kids-and-movies-parenting-your-kids-to-successThe Spiritual Warfare in Your Home Series https://www.truthloveparent.com/spiritual-warfare-in-your-home.html Click here for Today’s Episode Notes and Transcript. https://www.truthloveparent.com/the-celebration-of-god-blog/cog-74-unified-worship-what-is-worship-part-4  Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celebrationofgodFollow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/celebrationofgod/Follow AMBrewster on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAMBrewsterFollow AMBrewster on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMBrewsterFollow AMBrewster on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebrewsterhome/
Sep 17 2021
29 mins