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Victor Ingalls: Hiring for Table Stakes and Intangibles | Amy Adler's "How I Hire"
Nov 18 2023
Victor Ingalls: Hiring for Table Stakes and Intangibles | Amy Adler's "How I Hire"
Today’s interview is with Victor Ingalls, who is a senior vice president and general manager of operations at the recently established Lehi, UT, site of LendingClub. LendingClub is America’s largest lending marketplace and operates in the fintech space and is headquartered in San Francisco. Victor joined LendingClub a few years ago, after a stellar global career with American Express. He has been instrumental in expanding LendingClub’s geographic footprint and in leading the selection of hundreds of employees for the Lehi site, from line staff to management to the executive team. I met Victor during his time with American Express, when he invited me to present at the site’s Career Week event, and he also invited me out to San Francisco to teach job search strategies to several hundred of his LendingClub team during a major transition within the company. I mention this because I have experienced firsthand Victor’s dedication to his employees’ career development, and I firmly believe in his commitment to the process of hiring, developing, and promoting superior talent. So keep listening—you also will hear firsthand about what Victor Ingalls, SVP and General Manager, considers “table stakes”—the tangible must-haves to be hired—and how he envisions the process of recruiting candidates that demonstrate the above-and-beyond talent and characteristics that inevitably will support an incredible work culture.