The Sins and Secrets of Tabard Lake

3Girls Theatre

It’s May 2020, the year of COVID. SF Private Eye Chauncy is social distancing at home in SF when a long-term client zooms in with a tempting assignment. The set-up: Playwright Allyce Singer is hosting an invitation-only theatre workshop for her new play-in-progress at Tabard Lake, a luxury property isolated deep in the high Sierras. The catch: Each of the six guests is guilty of a long ago "sin" against Allyce. Now the playwright wants her revenge and she's written a script that points fingers at everyone. The mission: Chauncy's supposed to quietly get the goods on everyone, so Allyce can settle the score. Sounds like easy money for a gumshoe, with a fancy all-expenses-paid vacay out of lockdown thrown in to boot. But nothing goes according to plan. Once the company is completely cut off from civilization, all bets are off. Murder, mayhem.--and hilarity!-- ensue. Deep secrets from the past leak out to haunt the present. Everyone has a tall tale to tell, and no one can be trusted. Whodunnit? This podcast is presented by 3Girls Theatre. 3GT develops, promotes, and presents new work by women playwrights in the San Francisco Bay Area. To learn more or support our work visit read less