I Am Athlete

Brandon Marshall, SiriusXM

I Am Athlete is a media company focused on the intersection of business, entertainment , music, and sports. Founded by former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and hosted with Adam "Pacman" Jones, LeSean "Shady" McCoy, and special guests. IAA creates athlete-led content that resembles a “locker room”— a safe space for athletes and celebrities to tell their stories and have a voice while feeling comfortable amongst one another. All shows are unscripted and unfiltered, unraveling cultural discussions centered around sports, wellness, music, culture, fashion, and mental health. #BiggerThanAPodcast read less

Our Editor's Take

I Am Athlete is the brainchild of former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall. It is an inclusive sports podcast where sharing is caring.

The picture-perfect world of superstardom is not as flawless as it might seem. Many athletes face mental health challenges. No matter the sport, the pressures of life affect everyone. The I Am Athlete podcast shares personal stories told by famous figures from the NBA to the NFL to NASCAR and more. Celebrities from outside the sports world also join the conversation. Previous guests include The Game, Justin Gatlin, and more.

The central idea behind I Am Athlete is to create a shared space where the powerful can be vulnerable. What follows are heartfelt discussions about mental health struggles. Sport is about more than what takes place during the game. Social and cultural perspectives are never far away in episodes of I Am Athlete. Brandon Marshall is a tremendous host, and the guests are engaging.

In every episode of I Am Athlete, honesty is key. I Am Athlete is more than a trend-focused sports podcast. This is a mental health movement with the athletic world at its core. I Am Athlete pulls no punches. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in sports and the world beyond the game.

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