Regenerative by Design

Joni Kindwall-Moore

Regenerative by Design Podcast where we get to the root of health, climate, economics and food.  Host, Joni Kindwall-Moore, is an RN, an Ethnobotanist and the founder of Snacktivist Foods. Join us on this journey as we explore the ideas, stories and personalities behind the regenerative food system movement including climate change, human health, economics and food as well as other deeply interconnected topics.  In this podcast, we will be “going there” and leaning into topics that might make you squirm… just a little.  We want to challenge ourselves to think outside of the box and to discover the deeper side of our world’s problems so that we can better understand how to solve them.  We aim to unpack some of the most dynamic issues of our day with some of the most inspiring minds who are pushing the boundaries of our current norms and thinking paradigms.  We have seen incredibly disruptive events in the past few years like pandemics, climate events, disasters and war. These often trigger system changes that are reactionary and have short term gains. When these are practiced over the long term, they often have a degenerative effect on health and the environment. Regenerative design thinking is the opposite, and is an intentional, premeditated process that involves a high level of observation, analysis, creativity, and looking beyond reductionistic principles while embracing systems thinking and additionality to create regenerative solutions. Regenerative agriculture has become a powerful force for positive transformation and hope in todays world. And no discussion about agriculture is complete without a conversation about food.  Food is the connection between people and the planet so grab a cup of coffee or your favorite running shoes and get ready to take a mental and philosophical leap into the future of food and our planet. read less

A Discussion About Food Science, Healthy Eating, and the “Humble Bean”. with Maggie Sadowsky
Aug 4 2022
A Discussion About Food Science, Healthy Eating, and the “Humble Bean”. with Maggie Sadowsky
Maggie Sadowsky is an expert in transforming food categories. Joni and Maggie discuss the fact that not many people  know about the Food scientist profession or what they do. Everything we eat is touched by a food scientist at some point in the process. Plant-based foods discussion. Maggie was named the top plant-based food creator. Joni and Maggie discuss the health factor behind plant-based foods and the development of Maggie’s movement, Culinary Architects Maggie highlights the importance of whole foods diet and getting your foods from as close to the source as possible. It is not what foods are free from that makes it healthy, but what it is full of. Maggie talks about her efforts in working with local farmers to create organic canned beans. While beans are not as popular of a food group in America as they are in other countries, Maggie talks about the long-term health benefits. Joni and Maggie discuss the impact of chemically intensive, conventional growing on the overall farming system and how organic and regenerative farming can counterbalance the effects. Maggie shares her approach with 8-Track Foods and what thoughts go into the canned bean products they create. One of her key ideas was on cutting down on food waste by using the pantry as the go-to place for meal preparation. Joni and  Maggie talked about how consumers could take baby steps towards eating healthy and helping the planet by simply replacing just half of their meat with beans. No fake stuff, no lab modification, just simple, delicious beans. Learn more about 8-Track Foods by visiting You can reach Maggie on LinkedIN at Maggiesadowsky.