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Kira Mackenzie Jackson: On Private Equity, Brand Partnerships, and Building a Career Path
Oct 3 2023
Kira Mackenzie Jackson: On Private Equity, Brand Partnerships, and Building a Career Path
In this episode of Mountaintop Conversations, Allyson Felix and Wes Felix welcome Kira Mackenzie Jackson, a private equity investor and former PR professional. Kira shares her journey from PR to private equity and how she transitioned before she turned 30. She also discusses her thoughts on career planning and finding your own path to success. Kira started her PR career at a small agency in San Diego. After a few years, she moved to Los Angeles and worked for a few larger agencies. Eventually, she made her way back to her original agency, which had been acquired by a private equity firm. This gave Kira her first exposure to the private equity world, and she was immediately intrigued. After a few years in PR, Kira decided to jump into private equity. She joined RX3 Growth Partners, a firm that invests in consumer brands. Kira loves her new job, and she is excited to use her skills and experience to help companies grow and succeed. Kira also offers some advice for listeners who are thinking about changing careers. She says that it is important to focus on what you are passionate about, and to find a career that allows you to use your skills and talents. She also says it is important to be open to new opportunities and not be afraid to take risks. Interested in learning more about career planning, and finding your own path to success? This is the perfect episode for you. Follow Kira on Instagram.