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The Puget Sounds Podcast is an audio journey through Seattle's dynamic music scene and vibrant vinyl culture. Each episode explores the city's musical heartbeat, featuring conversations with local artists, insights into iconic record stores, and stories of rare vinyl treasures. It's a love letter to Seattle's rich musical heritage, capturing the sounds and stories that make the Emerald City's music community truly unique. read less


S1E03: Tales From The Good
Jul 20 2023
S1E03: Tales From The Good
In this podcast episode, Ryan Leaf and Gary Nakanelua interview Matt Miniken and Jordan Danly, founders of Right Here Right Now Radio. Ryan shares his discovery of artist Robert Finley and his new single produced by Dan Auerbach. Gary talks about the song "Rocky Top" and pays tribute to Bobby Osborne. They also discuss their recent record store finds, including an album by Ben Harper. Matt Miniken explains his motivation for starting the radio station and highlights local bands he enjoys. Jordan discusses his involvement in marketing. The episode concludes with a discussion on finding live music and upcoming episodes. Timestamps: [00:01:39] Ryan discusses the new artist Robert Finley and his single "What Goes Around" produced by Dan Auerbach. Give it a listen here. [00:04:01] Gary talks about the song "Rocky Top" and its popularity, as well as the recent passing of Bobby Osborne of The Osborne Brothers, who popularized it. [00:07:49] Gary shares his recent vinyl acquisitions at Amoeba Music, including Journey's album "Escape," Metallica's album with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, and the debut album from rap supergroup Mount Westmore. He also talks about former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted's hazing when joining the band. [00:11:57] Matt & Jordan, founders of RHRN Radio, discuss the reasons behind starting the radio station and the difficulty of finding local music. [00:12:12] Matt talks about creating playlists of local bands and the inspiration to start a radio station to promote them. [00:16:26] Matt explains that diversity and personal taste are important factors in selecting artists for the radio show. [00:22:10] Matt shares how they find new music by subscribing to venue websites and listening to bands' music. [00:22:51] Ryan thanks Matt and Jordan from RHRN Radio for highlighting local music in the Puget Sound area.