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Every week, Brooklyn Magazine: The Podcast highlights prominent (and soon-to-be-prominent) Brooklynites as we explore the vast and diverse borough through the lens of culture, community and commerce. Hosted by Editor-in-Chief Brian Braiker, the show features intimate conversations with cultural luminaries, community leaders and compelling locals. These are the people who move us, entertain us, feed us and inspire us. There are a lot of little Brooklyns, and we are all a little Brooklyn.
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Welcome to the Brooklyn Magazine Podcast
The state of Brooklyn’s small businessesThe past, present and future of Prospect ParkLiara Roux: The ‘Whore of New York’John Linnell of They Might Be GiantsShabazz Stuart, CEO, OoneeAmy Sohn, author and journalist [REPLAY]Qian Julie Wang, author, 'Beautiful Country'Photog Jeremy Cohen on his viral pandemic—and NFTsWhat’s next for Maya Wiley?Actor Marjan Neshat on bringing ‘Kabul’ to the stageDebi Mazar: ‘I was a disco hustler’Solonje Burnett, the weed auntie of BushwickThe rise and fall of Tekashi 6ix9ineDon’t put Xenia Rubinos in redSmokey Hormel, guitarist to the starsPeter Kafka, media and tech journalistTucker Reed on Brooklyn’s housing crisis and building in the boroughEmily Simoness and Michael ChernusJean Eddy Saint Paul, director of the Haitian Studies Institute at Brooklyn CollegeClay Williams, photographer and Black Food Folks co-founder