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A podcast for Tradies, by Tradies. In this podcast Dan interviews a range of Tradies and other professionals to gain insights that may help you move through a sticking point in your business or give you ideas for the future.Whether its business, technical or health and well being we are sure to cover it. If you have anything in particular that you would like discussed please reach out and let us know. read less

Episode# 39 - Legal Talk with Tom Jacobs - Jackson McDonald Multi-Sector Law firm
Jun 25 2021
Episode# 39 - Legal Talk with Tom Jacobs - Jackson McDonald Multi-Sector Law firm
Get Paid Quick (GPQ)!! What are your options for prompt payment? Hear from Thomas Jacobs about adjudication and how GPQ can help you in the event of a payment dispute. This is the first of podcast series that we are doing with Jackson McDonald - one of WA's largest law firms - where we will cover a range of topics that relate to small-medium trade based businesses and how they can protect themselves.We all know cashflow is the lifeblood of the tradies’ business. Hopefully – all your customers will always pay your invoices in full, and on time. But sometimes disputes can arise. And if you cannot collect your cash quickly and efficiently, your business could soon be in trouble – not to mention the stress it causes.But did you know that there is a rapid, cheap way to enforce payment of your invoices without having to go to court? It is called adjudication – and its available to anyone who does work under a construction contract.  Jackson McDonald has made the process of preparing an adjudication application really easy – with its online app - Get Paid Quick (GPQ).All that is involved is you answer a series of simple questions and upload your contract and invoice in the comfort of your home.  The programme prepares a draft application which is then settled by lawyers – and they only proceed to take action if they think you will win. The real advantage of the adjudication process is its speed – you can get a decision confirming that the debt is due within 1 month of launching (which is much quicker than going through court or arbitration).   Join Tom Jacobs of Jackson McDonald as he walks you through the adjudication process – and how the GPQ app can help you get paid.”