SPEAKEASY with Kendra Fisher

Kendra Fisher

I’m Kendra Fisher, professional speaker, past member of Team Canada’s hockey program, soon to be author and believer in “showing up” for each other. Since leaving Team Canada because of mental illness, I have travelled the world helping others to find tomorrow. What I’ve learned? Silence hurts people. Silence breeds fear, hatred, anger. It’s time we step out of hiding and learn how to have the hard conversations together. Join me on my weekly Podcast as I sit down with guests from every walk of life to talk about the things we’re not supposed to say. Being honest saved my life, admitting I was struggling allowed me to learn how to cope. We owe it to each other to make safe spaces where it’s ok to come undone. Speakeasy will be exactly that, a safe place to talk about everything that we are made to believe we have to hide. read less