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Giants of the Faith is a bite-sized podcast where we’ll explore some of the great figures in Christian history. Expect to hear episodes on Luther, Augustine, Wesley, and more. Some of the folks we talk about will be familiar to you and some will probably not be but all are noteworthy in some way. read less
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Episode 70 - Chain, Chain, Chain: Billy Graham (Part 2)
Nov 30 2023
Episode 70 - Chain, Chain, Chain: Billy Graham (Part 2)
This is part two of two of a look at the life of famed evangelist Billy Graham. In part one we looked at Graham's early life through his first major evangelistic campaign in Los Angeles. Today we'll look at the rest of his life. I feel like I should say that I'm not covering everything that Graham did in his life. He was a busy guy. There are plenty of biographies out there if you are interested in learning more about him.RESOURCES The Billy Graham Library: iDisciple: Christian History Institute: The Billy Graham Library: Christianity Today: My Hero: The Gospel Coalition: Inspirational Christians: Aunty Faith: Florida Backroads Travel: WUSF: Christian History Institute:
Episode 69 - Chain, Chain, Chain: Billy Graham (Part 1)
Oct 19 2023
Episode 69 - Chain, Chain, Chain: Billy Graham (Part 1)
We've been following the chain of faith from Edward Kimball to DL Moody, then from Moody to Wilbur Chapman and on through Billy Sunday and Mordecai Ham until we've finally reach the man himself, William Franklin Graham. Graham needs little introduction so we'll just jump right into the story.RESOURCESThe Billy Graham Library: History Institute: Billy Graham Library: Today: Hero: Gospel Coalition: Christians: Faith: Backroads Travel: