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Winona's Unique Healthcare Options: Winona Community Acupuncture
Sep 28 2022
Winona's Unique Healthcare Options: Winona Community Acupuncture
Winona has a lot to offer in the way of unique experiences. There are many outdoor opportunities involving the bluffs and river, a thriving arts and music scene, and festivals ranging from Shakespeare to Beethoven to bluegrass. But did you know that Winona has many options for health and wellness that might be considered outside the norm for many people? There are practitioners in Winona that offer everything from herbal medicine, to acupuncture, to gong baths. That’s right, from plants to needles to gongs! Oh my! Recently, there was healthcare fair showcasing some of the different options available here in Winona so this month on Culture Clique we will be highlighting a few of those options in order to shed some light and hopefully answer some questions folks might have about these unique offerings. Today we hear from Lauren Gyss from Winona Community Acupuncture. Remember those needles I mentioned before? Well, don’t worry Lauren says that it doesn’t hurt. She also filled me in on many of the ways acupuncture can help to heal your body and mind, from pain management to mental health and preventative care. I’m Bill Stoneberg, with Lauren Gyss of Winona Community Acupuncture, today on Culture Clique.Original air date: 07/28/22Culture Clique is written and produced by KQAL FM on the campus of Winona State University and is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.