Future Focused: Sophisticated Estate Planning

Wiggin and Dana LLP's Erin Nicholls and Michael Clear

Welcome to Future Focused: Sophisticated Estate Planning with Wiggin and Dana LLP, the show where you can learn high-level estate planning techniques in a manner that is accessible and understandable. This is the show where CPA’s, Insurance Professionals, Investment Bankers, Trust Companies, CFP’s, and more can firm up on their understanding of estate planning strategies so that they can better guide their clients to make wise decisions with their legacy. Future Focused is hosted by Erin Nicholls and Michael Clear, Partners of the Private Client Services department at Wiggin and Dana, LLP, with the aim of preserving the wealth that a family has worked so hard to create, we pride ourselves in offering value driven solutions and results. Head on over to Wiggin and Dana’s Private Client Services page where you can subscribe to this show on your favorite podcast platforms, share episodes with your clients, and follow our highly talented, creative, and experienced lawyers on LinkedIn for even more great insight. read less
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