Tom Matt's Boomers Rock’ Radio Talk Show

Tom Matt

Tom Matt's Boomers Rock talk show discusses how to improve the quality of your life. Tom brings in experts on fitness, psychology, nutrition, brain health, self-improvement, and finance, and together they cover the latest ideas that can help you take better care of yourself and better care of the people you love.brbr The modern world is a complicated place, and the older we get, the more complicated it seems. Sometimes we need to listen to experts apply their knowledge to real world problems. So if you have a question, ask Tom to find that expert with the answer.brbr Tom has had his share of challenges, and reaching out for help is what led him to change. Even if you aren't challenged, caring for yourself and your family is a full time job. Boomers Rock can help point you in the right direction.brbr Boomers Rock can’t guarantee you happiness, but if you are interested in learning how to improve your life today, then stop by and listen to the conversation.
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