Little Grabs by Halinka & Michelle - Conversations between Friends

Halinka & Michelle

Little Grabs is a podcast created by two very different women, who come together for their weekly catch up to share 'secret women's business' (as taken from their daily lives). Written in a light hearted, conversational style, with no filters applied. We look at the funny side of some very serious topics.The inspiration for this work has come from our research that although we live in such a beautiful place on the Sunshine Coast, women are struggling to keep up their appearances. What's with all the secrets? Can we have it all and be happy?Little Grabs takes you behind the scenes into what women talk about and what they do not.We aim to lift the veil on taboo subjects and demystify how to be a happy, healthy, functioning female in today's world.We explore women's insatiable hunger for life, yes, we want it all! So, what starts and stops us? This series explores the bravery required to connect with our authentic self. It is time to stop hiding and come out of the closet. Listen to our frank conversations as we explore previously untold stories of women's desires, ambitions and fantasies.Laugh and learn as we hare our survival guides on topics such as husband training, family survival techniques and our modern-day guide to etiquette. You will learn about how to be gracious and bold (mastering skills like running in heals). We share our love of life and living big in a world that likes us being small. Let us inspire you. Who the hell are Halinka and Michelle? We wish we could give better credentials, but we are two corporate God fearing gals who have tried so extremely hard to be really good, well behaved, and self sacrificing....but we flunked out. For what we lack in social grace and titles, we have been called trailblazers, warriors, mentors and Ex's. We have navigated through some very interesting workplace cultures, relationships and social situations. We decided to laugh when things go serious and share our journey into happiness when all things go crazy (we didn't say tits up did we?). Listen as we share our stories and journey into the future of work, fun, family and all things fluffy. read less