AZ Big Podcast with Michael & Amy

AZ Big Media

Hosted by AZ Big Media Editor in Chief Michael Gossie and Publisher Amy Lindsey, The AZ Big Podcast takes you behind-the-scenes of some of the most compelling storylines in the Grand Canyon State. The AZ Big Podcast will feature guests from a variety of industries, including legal, real estate, hospitality, athletics and more. Each episode will provide quick and concise information about each topic, in other words, it’s an easy listen that’s perfect for your morning or afternoon commute! Episodes will post weekly on Wednesdays and are available wherever you listen to your podcasts. The AZ Big Podcast is sponsored by Burch & Cracchiolo, who have been proving for over 50 years that a successful business or legal case of any kind starts when you hire the right lawyer. Let them prove it to you. Learn more at read less