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BADLANDS is a true-crime anthology podcast from Jake Brennan, creator and host of the award-winning music and true crime podcast DISGRACELAND. BADLANDS Season 2: Sportsland is all about the shocking rise and fall of sports legends. Listen to each episode for wild stories about Mike Tyson, Oscar Pistorius, Aaron Hernandez, Evel Knievel, Tonya Harding, Pete Rose, Sonny Liston, Spider Sabich, Ty Cobb, and, of course, O.J. Simpson.

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Introducing BADLANDS Season 2: Sportsland
Badlands Fixes the Oscars: The Hollywoodland Season 1 Awards (Bonus Episode)Presenting Disgraceland Season 9: Taylor Swift: Interstate Stalking, Vanishing Masters, and Love Letters Gone Wrong (Excerpt)Presenting: Disgraceland Season 9 TrailerMarilyn Monroe (Part 1): Who Killed Marilyn? JFK? RFK? The KKK? Probable Suicide and a Conspiracy Theory That Won't Quit (Best-Of Episode)Presenting Disgraceland: Derek and the Dominos: Clapton, Cocaine, Motorcycles, and Murder
Hey BADLANDS fans: Need a little more true crime in your life? Yeah, us too. If you love BADLANDS, we want to introduce you to host Jake Brennan's other show—the rock and roll true-crime podcast that started it all, DISGRACELAND. Now in its 8th season, DISGRACELAND is an award-winning anthology series about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly, including episodes on the Beach Boys, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitney Houston, the Rolling Stones, Cardi B, Led Zeppelin, and many more.In 1960s London, for young guitar enthusiasts, believing that “Clapton is God” was practically the 11th Commandment. In 1970 he lent his big, sticky tone to yet another band: Derek and the Dominos. The group’s white-hot blues burned bright for barely more than a year, but their impact was massive. Guided by drug, alcohol and heartbreak free-fall, Eric Clapton created one of rock’s most recognizable guitar riffs, while drummer Jim Gordon contributed God’s great piano coda. Except Gordon was guided by something far more sinister — something that started with incessant voices in his head, and ended with a hammer, a butcher knife, and a dead mother.To hear all episodes of Disgraceland for free, visit amazon.com/disgraceland. Show notes are available at disgracelandpod.com. Follow us @disgracelandpod on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for music news, bonus episodes, and more.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
Dec 15 2021
37 mins
Badlands Holiday Movie Special: Jake Discusses the Greatest Holiday Movies of All TimeO.J. Simpson: Stolen Memorabilia, Armed Robbery, Fake Gangsters, and Blood in BrentwoodTy Cobb: Playing Smart and Mean, Fighting Dirty and Often, and Separating Truth from FictionSpider Sabich: Freak Power, Cocaine, and Murder in AspenPete Rose: Full-Throttle Hustle, Gambling with Gangsters, and Winning at Any CostTonya Harding: Free Will, Bad Luck, a Whack Gone Wrong, and Being Doomed from the StartSonny Liston: Managed by the Mob, Heavyweight Champ of the Prison and then the World, and What It Takes to Be the Baddest of Them AllEvel Knievel: Cracking Safes, a Beatdown with a Baseball Bat, and Jumping the SharkAaron Hernandez: A Botched Execution, a Rattled Cage, and a Disgraced PatriotOscar Pistorius: Prison Threats, Crime Bosses, the World’s Most Impossible Olympian, and a Valentine’s Day MurderMike Tyson: Sidewalk Beatdowns, Downward Spirals, Cocaine, and Self-DestructionBonus Episode: BADLANDS Season 2: Sportsland Preview with Dan PatrickIntroducing BADLANDS Season 2: SportslandA Look Back at BADLANDS Season 1: HollywoodlandIntroducing Disgraceland: Episode #82, The Beatles
Jul 22 2021
43 mins