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Badlands is a true crime podcast that explores the real life stories of the famous at their most infamous. Badlands is voiced by Jake Brennan, host of the award-winning podcast DISGRACELAND. In Badlands, each episode digs into the crimes and scandals of our most beloved cultural figures. How did Marilyn Monroe really die? What caused Heath Ledger to end up on the bad side of revenge-seeking paparazzi? How did Winona Ryder help solve a kidnapping case in her adoptive hometown? New scripted episodes of Badlands are released every Wednesday while bonus episodes are released every Friday. Badlands is not a journalistic podcast. It is an entertainment podcast inspired by true events. Certain dialogue and scenes are sometimes fictionalized for dramatic purposes as they are in most scripted entertainment based on true events. Sources and credits for each episode are available at Badlands is available wherever you get your podcasts. read less

Our Editor's Take

In BADLANDS, host Jake Brennan narrates a graphic, no-holds-barred true crime podcast. Episodes offer new perspectives and unique retellings of shocking celebrity scandals and crimes. Brennan digs into the timeless stories and real-life mysteries of the rich and infamous. His storytelling entertains, but also reveals the troubling and sometimes traumatic side of fame. Consider this a trigger warning—this series does not hold back on the gory details.

This podcast is a true crime docuseries for adults, offering potent narration and vivid sound effects. From athletes to actors, no one’s scandal or crime is off limits. Each episode investigates a single story, with some historic events spanning several episodes. The detail Brennan provides is impressive, even if the information is unsettling.

As narrator and host, Jake Brennan takes listeners on a journey through sordid tales of fame gone sour. His narrative style adds depth to these stories. Brennan deftly examines the despair, addictions, trials, convictions, and deaths of infamous celebrities. Many know of the questions around Marilyn Monroe's mysterious death, but Brennan excels at uncovering unique views and exploring new narratives.

BADLANDS spotlights the secrets of the world's biggest stars, and listeners are in for a shock. Join Jake as he focuses his true crime lens on what celebrities try to hide — everything from Armie Hammer's bizarre cannibalism and abuse claims to O.J. Simpson's lead role in one of Las Vegas's most unbelievable armed robberies.

These protagonists may be familiar, but not the intricacies of their unsavory pasts. Learn the details behind celebrities' personal calamities. Listen to BADLANDS on Amazon Music to hear scandalous celebrity crime stories that stick around well after the credits roll.

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