Summer Jam: Through The Years

HOT 97

"Summer Jam: Through the Years" is a documentary style mini-series highlighting HOT 97's legendary annual concert "Summer Jam." This series covers four different Summer Jams from four different decades and is hosted by HOT 97 personality Laura Stylez!

Laura Stylez narrates a series of interviews with hip-hop greats conducted by HOT 97 in-house reporter Jason N. Peters. Summer Jam: Through the Years tells the origin story of Summer Jam straight through to the modern day in a fast-paced documentary style while also uncovering forgotten Summer Jam stories.

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Our Editor's Take

Summer Jam: Through the Years is a podcast dedicated to HOT 97's Summer Jam concert series. The program is a documentary-style show. Its goal is to take listeners through the whole history of Summer Jam. From its start in 1994, the annual hip-hop concert made waves for music lovers everywhere. Now, listeners can get the inside story of what makes this event come together. For many, Summer Jam was the annual concert that changed everything. Most people who know what this feels like would do anything to relive it. That's where this podcast comes in.

As listeners hear about Summer Jam through the decades, they get the complete picture of the impact of this concert series. Who better to host this show than HOT 97's Laura Stylez? But she's not the only one at the helm of the show. Often, she teams up with reporter Jason N. Peters for exclusive, one-on-one interviews. He talks with big-name artists, hip-hop historians, producers, and more.

Ultimately, the artists are the ones who power these concerts. They have a tremendous impact on whether the crowd has a good time. By interviewing the stars of the show, listeners can gain unique insights. Performing at a concert of this scale is a momentous experience for any artist.

This podcast doesn't try to cover every Summer Jam at once, though. Instead, it takes a mini-series approach and zeroes in with a specific focus on four unique Summer Jams through the decades. Listeners can tune into Summer Jam: Through the Years on Amazon Music.

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