Superbugs Unplugged

Lance Price and Matthew Wellington

A joint project of U.S. PIRG and the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center, this monthly podcast will delve into the critical health threat of antibiotic resistance and what drives it, including antibiotic use in agriculture and human health care, challenges and opportunities in R&D, and more. Co-hosts Matt Wellington and Dr. Lance Price will cover a new topic and feature an expert guest every month. Have questions or want to make suggestions? Write to us at SuperBugsUnplugged@gmail.com. Follow us on social media: @battlesuperbugs @USPIRG.
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The Hedgehog Factor
Jan 19 2022
43 mins
The Hedgehog FactorCanada, Chickens, and Antibiotic ConsumptionPuppies, Number Two, and Resistant Campylobacter!Black Death: It's Still Around and Antibiotics Are Our Only DefenseDischarge from the Genitals: Yup, We Go There!Antibiotic Overuse in Food Animals: What's the Role & Responsibility of Drug Companies?Peggy Lillis Foundation: Honoring a Mother’s Legacy and Saving LivesOn the Brink of the Next Pandemic: COVID-19 and Antibiotic OveruseCDC on the Fungal Kingdom: Full of Friends and EnemiesPig Pile! Raising Animals Without the Use of Antibiotics"Very Promiscuous Orange Trees" A conversation on antibiotic overuse in plant agricultureWhen Bad Bugs Collide: An interview with "Scary Disease Girl"What Turned Aunt Navis Blue? A Discussion on TuberculosisUTIs and the Need for Better Tools Against Dangerous BacteriaPanel Discussion on Antibiotics in Agriculture: Preventing the Next PandemicA Conversation with a Veterinarian about Antibiotic Use in Food Animal ProductionThe Importance of Medical Experts As Advocates to Protect Human HealthA Conversation on the Beef Industry’s Excessive Use of AntibioticsParallels Between COVID-19 and ResistanceA Conversation on How to Best Protect Antibiotics From Overuse