The Scriptures Are Real

Kerry Muhlestein

The Scriptures Are Real (TSAR) with Kerry Muhlestein is a podcast where we look at elements of the scriptures that have become real to us. We interview both experts (people with language, archaeological, historical backgrounds, etc.), and lay folks, and explore times when the scriptures became real to them. This is done from the viewpoint of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We believe that there is real power in the scriptures and that as they become more real we can better apply them to our lives and draw more power from them. If you listen to this podcast you will learn all kinds of interesting background information that will help you understand and learn more from the scriptures. We believe it will allow you to add real power to your life. My gratitude to my co-host Lamar Newmeyer. Also to my friend Rich Nicholls, who composed the introductory music. read less


S3 E 36 Jan Martin on Jacob's teachings about our Relationship with God (week of April 1, only episode)
Mar 31 2024
S3 E 36 Jan Martin on Jacob's teachings about our Relationship with God (week of April 1, only episode)
Consider going to to get more from Jacob's sermons. There, I give daily thoughts, and this week they come from exploring Jacob's sermon more in depth. You can also access masterclasses, workshop, lectures, and all sorts of other material. Go to to access all this material.In this episode Jan Martin and Kerry set the background for understanding Jacob's sermon. They also discuss the temple setting and how it impacts our understanding. They also explore how the crux of the teachings are about our relationship with God and our relationships in general. How do you relate to possessions? How to you relate to others, especially family members and members of the opposite sex? How do these things affect your relationship with God? Are you letting possessions or other things prevail more in your life than God? They also explore different ways we can share of our "substance" with others and how we can bless others in many ways. They talk about how stratification of society and not seeing people equally is part of the concubine issue Jacob speaks of. They also delve into how Jacob's teachings can help us understand how to deal with trials and have them bring us closer to God rather than push us away from Him. They also speak of the need to be reconciled to God and receive of His counsel and submit to His will.We are grateful for our sponsor, Lisa Spice, and for our producer, BJ Muhlestein, and for Rich Nicholls, who composed and plays the music for the podcast.