Geto Boys Reloaded

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Hip Hop legends Scarface and Willie D bring you the highly anticipated Geto Boys Reloaded Podcast. Reminiscent of their previous works as artists, they’re bringing forth compelling and thought-provoking conversations highlighting music, entertainment, social issues and awareness to name a few. New episodes dropping each and every Monday. read less

Our Editor's Take

Two members of the 1990s hip-hop group Geto Boys have taken to podcasting as Geto Boys Reloaded. Every Monday, Willie D and Scarface get behind the microphone. They talk about everything from music to politics. Original fans of the band might enjoy the show. So will those who consume informative, enlightening podcasts (even if they don't know the Geto Boys).

The Geto Boys rose to popularity in the 1990s. Office Space movie fans remember their songs from the film. Many of their songs focused on the classic themes of hip-hop. Many also took influence from social politics. Examples of these themes include police brutality and violence in the community. Their podcast, Geto Boys Reloaded, is much the same. While it celebrates music and musicians, there are also discussions of social politics. In one of their opening episodes, the hosts describe their original hope for the group. This was to inform and educate listeners about what's happening in the world. Decades later, two of the members are still using their voices to do the same in podcast format.

Some Geto Boys Reloaded podcast topics include what one might expect—hip-hop, records, and the like. Deeper and heavier topics also feature. Some of these include human trafficking, activism, and racism. There's also the unexpected like tech investments, kidney transplants, and comedy. It's a genuine mixture.

Of course, it's not only Willie D and Scarface in every episode. An esteemed guest will usually join to discuss their own life and success. They've hosted judges, writers, teachers, political commentators, wrestlers, and more. Once, Scarface's son even joined. No matter who it is, each shares the same sentiment. It's a little about themselves, their early beginnings, and their learned lessons. Their candid, authentic way of speaking provides insightful listening.

Fans of the Geto Boys' music and lyrics may enjoy Geto Boys Reloaded. Even if audiences haven't heard their songs, it may still hold their interest. It raises crucial topics about justice and equality. It provides advice on how society can become a more accepting place. Willie D and Scarface bring compelling conversations to their worldwide audience.

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