Impact Africa

Tope Fajingbesi, CPA

Impact Africa will tell the real African story of opportunities, development and resilience through guest interviews, case studies and audience participation. The main goal of the show is to inform listeners about important events and to inspire our audience to participate in development initiatives. You will have opportunities to contribute to the show through telephone calls, emails and social media participation. Impact Africa will create a community of Africans and friends of Africa whose actions will ultimately provide solutions to the continent’s greatest challenges. There is a lot more to Africa than aid and handouts. Very little is known about individuals and organizations working behind the scenes to empower Africans, many of whom will be featured on the show. Show guests will include Africans and friends of Africa living within the continent and in Diaspora, who through unique initiatives and efforts are changing the business landscape in the continent.
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Impact Africa Thursday, January 2, 2014
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