Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre


Fox Sports’ Jason McIntyre sets the agenda for the day by providing bold opinions on the biggest stories in sports including the day’s biggest sports betting topics. Straight Fire also features insiders and newsmakers as contributing guests. read less

Our Editor's Take

Listeners may have heard Jason McIntyre opposing Colin Cowherd on national sports radio. Jason is a regular on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. But on the Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre podcast, he's got the mic to himself. Jason talks sports year-round, from drafts and preseasons through playoffs and postseasons.

Jason was a sportswriter before his career as a sports voice. He founded the popular sports blog The Big Lead in 2006. He also hosted a radio show of the same name. Ironically, Colin, his future radio sparring partner, once pranked his site. In 2007, Colin asked his listeners to flood the website at the same time. It shut down the site for a day. Nine years later, Jason and Colin shared their sports opinions on Fox Sport's Speak for Yourself with Cowherd and Whitlock. In August 2020, Jason started this podcast.

The podcast focuses on the NFL and NBA while also covering NCAA football and basketball. In each episode, Jason shows an uncanny ability to identify team's biggest problems. He discusses injuries, controversies, and why the hottest teams and players are rising. But it's Jason's betting insight that gives this podcast a distinction.

Jason's voice alone carries most of Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre episodes. Each lasts between 20 minutes and an hour. But the host invites the occasional guest to join him. Analysts like Jared Smith from FOX Sports join to discuss betting odds. Legends like US soccer player Eric Wynalda tell stories about their favorite moments. Professional sports bettors such as Rufus Peabody offer their knowledge. The arguments can get heated there's a reason why "fire" is in the show's title. But through it all, Jason backs up his strong opinions with evidence, while leaving room for his guest's opinions.

Jason brings high energy and enthusiasm to any topic he's discussing. His passion for sports is infectious. NFL fans may find the most value in Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre. But basketball, soccer, baseball, and golf fans may also appreciate Jason's verdicts. New episodes of the podcast arrive Mondays through Fridays.

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