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Kudos to Andre Drummond, Bradley Beal's Bad Beat & Hendon Hooker's NFL Outlook
4d ago
Kudos to Andre Drummond, Bradley Beal's Bad Beat & Hendon Hooker's NFL Outlook
On today's episode, Jason gets things started by throwing heavy praise at Chicago Bulls big man Andre Drummond with the mental health issues he's been dealing with stemming from abusive comments he's been receiving on social media. It takes a big man to go public with something so personal. Brave, Andre. Later, J-Mac does a deep dive into the latest scuttlebutt surrounding Bradley Beal and the battery charges he's facing for slapping an unruly fan after some guy cursed at him over a failed sports wager. This whole thing is ridiculous. Granted, Beal should know better than to put hands on a fan, but the guy who instigated the whole thing sounds like such a jabroni. Switching gears to the NFL, Jason takes the League to task a bit for approving a plan to allow teams to play multiple Thursday Night games throughout the season. Not only does it fly in the place of player safety but it also almost ensures that sports dads like J-Mac will never get another 'freebie' Thursday Night off during football season. Finally, our fearless leader closes the show by discussing the NFL potential of Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker. Hooker will be one of the oldest rookies in his class, but that could work both for and against him at the next level. Where Hooker ultimately ends up will be critical for his career long-term.  Click here to subscribe, rate and review all of the latest Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre podcasts!See for privacy information.