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Raquel Lamal

Sole Source is a podcast by Red Shoes Inc. that is made by women for women. We're looking at the topics that are influencing women and the world they live in and we are shedding a light on those topics in an educational and entertaining way that leaves you inspired after each episode. This podcast is hosted by Emmy award-winning former journalist, Raquel Lamal. A new episode of Sole Source is released each Monday. Subscribe to be alerted when the latest episodes come out!

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108: We're Taking a Break
Apr 11 2022
6 mins
108: We're Taking a Break107: Understanding Yourself Better with Human Design106: Parenting Without Shame or Comparison105: What Makes Good Sex with Sex and Relationship Therapist Liz Dube104: Diversity365 Because The Battle for Equality is a Daily Struggle103: Age Reversal for Middle Aged Women. The Closest Thing to the Fountain Of Youth102: "A Little Closer to Home" with Ginger Zee101: Getting real about mental health100: It's Valentine's Day. Show Your Vagina Some Love!99: It's Not Your Fault You Don't Know About Your Vagina!98: Understanding Shame and How to Talk About It97: The shame of breastfeeding96: Are you living a lie? Let's try confidence instead.95: Nervous about public speaking? You're not alone.94: Speaking out against sexual assault at work. A real woman's story.93: Women are warriors and victims in a world of sexual assault92: Oh no... society's expectations... are broken91: Katie and Tracy discuss what 'having it all' looks like90: Sexual assault. A true story from a victim of clergy abuse.89: The fine line between protecting your kids and helicopter parenting